Buying and Trying List September 2011 – The Sequel

Yes I’ve already written a buying and trying list for this month and no I haven’t reviewed the majority of the products mentioned on it. However, in my defence, the majority of the mentions on the prequel list were skincare which would be unrealistic to review without a bit more time spent establishing their long-term benefits or flaws. I’ll start with the things I’ve tried already, although these are not full reviews and just brief mentions of what I’ve established about each product so far. So! Onto the stuff I bought today to sit alongside the other drawers, cupboards and shelves full of stuff (my boyfriend’s way of describing it):

Firstly, and here’s a goodun’, I bought a luverly new lipstick today. It’s by Nars and it’s one of their Pure Matt Lipsticks. I personally feel that you can get away with really bright lips without it looking garish if it’s in a matt finish. The shade I bought is called Carthage and here is my swatch:
Top swatch is it pressed into the skin, lower swatch is it applied normally.

Interestingly, you can achieve two effects with this lipstick. Firstly, you can press it into the lips to produce a flush of colour which is very pretty and great for day (especially if the rest of your make-up is low key as it can make you look a little more ‘finished’) but you can also use it the more standard way to create a really bright lip. I love it so far, I love the finish, the versatility, the packaging and the longevity, which has made it an excellent introduction the the Nars brand for me (sorry Bobbi Brown, I think I might have to start cheating on you). You can find this lipstick here.

Left is applied normally, right is pressed. Can you see how it’s almost like two different colours and finishes?

Next up is Eylure Shape and Shade Brow Palette. I was both excited about anxious about this purchase; excited because at the Olympia Beauty event a stall was selling something very similar and one of the artists there applied it to my brows, resulting in fantastic shade and shape which I really liked and left wondering why I didn’t buy what they were selling, and scared because I wondered whether it really was as easy as it looked to use. In the palette you get a light brow powder, a dark brow powder, a brow wax to fix brows into place, a highlighter to enhance the arch and 4 templates to work with. I am ever so happy to announce that it was really easy to use the templates and the results are equal to those I experienced at the event. I’m so pleased as I really struggle with getting the outer corners of my brows to look neat – mainly because I can’t really see them no matter how I angle myself in front of the mirror – so using the template as a guide has made a real difference and consequently I heartily recommend this kit if you have the same struggles as me. A hint of blush, a sweep of mascara, a pop of colour on the lips and a neat brow is my idea of the perfect daytime look, so the idea that I’m pretty much there is really exciting. Here it is at Boots.

My next purchase was Eucerin Q10 Active Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream for sensitive skin. Since starting to use the Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Serum (see! I am using it, not being lazy with my reviews….) my skin tone has started to really improve and the difference to my enlarged pores is quite incredible. However, my skin feels a lot dryer and having done some research, this cream has proved favourable with spot-prone skin types like mine, who want something deeply moisturising. I’ll give it a whirl and report back. The packaging seems different on the Eucerin site, so to avoid any confusion, here it is at Boots.

No7 Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation was another purchase today, mainly because the summer appears to be coming to an end (although we’re due one last burst of sunshine next week; yay!) and it’s time for me to move on from tinted moisturisers to that in between foundation that isn’t quite full-coverage but isn’t as translucent as a TM. I liked the sound of this, I had a voucher and that’s pretty much all I have to say about that….will review soon. Another link to Boots I’m afraid. Sorry if you don’t live near one! At least you can purchase online….

Sorry the photo is a bit rubbish, but you get the idea…

I love the No7 Foundation Brush and I had a voucher, so I bought one to go with the other one so it doesn’t get lonely and has someone to talk to on my no make-up days (i.e. the days I don’t go out). Rubbish photo unfortunately, so for a better picture have a look here.

Lastly, I bought L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer for hazel eyes. I’ve been wanting to try this mascara for a while but I’ve never really got on with L’Oreal before so I’ve never been fully inclined to purchase it. However, there’s a 3for2 running at Boots (I’m Boots marketing department’s dream) and I’ve wanted a mascara with a hint of purple/burgundy in it for a while as I know that colours in that spectrum tend to bring out my blue eyes. I also know that blueish toned colours tend to overpower my blue eyes, which I why I purchased the one for hazel eyes rather than the one for blue eyes, which is blue toned. So I’ll be trying this tomorrow and shall report back. Here’s a link that doesn’t take you to Boots…

This lot, on top of my Boudoir Prive bits and bobs is going to result in a very busy Geek this week, but at least I’ll have lots to write about!

Beauty Geek UK – Buying and Trying List September 2011 – The Sequel


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