Coming Soon! Things I’m currently working on

Apart from those featured on my buying and trying list which can be found here, I’ve got a few articles and blogs that I’ll be posting very soon which include:

  • A regular challenge feature which will include a beauty related challenge. The one I’m currently finishing off is finding some alternatives to Benefit Dandelion.

  • Ode to Brands will be me banging on about brands I love. This has come about by me swooning over Maybelline’s newest mascara (Colossal Cat Eyes) so soon a blog will feature my top Maybelline picks.

  • A feature on 17’s new Autumn/Winter collection: they seem to now be releasing products aimed at a slightly older audience so I’m keen to have a mooch over what they’ve got to offer.

  • Reviews on Skinceuticals Blemish + Age serum (trouble is, it’s likely to have a mild peeling effect and I’m tanned…for the love of god, don’t touch the tan!!!) and the matching cleanser, a YSL mascara (the main one, sorry haven’t got the name of it nearby but obviously I will have by the time I write the review).

Lastly, I’m also going to start swatching my beauty bits and bobs for reviews. So this weekend will mostly be spent downloading camera software whilst screaming at my boyfriend ‘WHY ISN’T IT WORKING????’ before giving up and letting him do it for me.


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