Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash

Dermalogica are well known for their effective skincare range, but less known for their body care. When planning my holiday, I decided I wanted to purchase a few Dermalogica travel kits to take with me, as not only are they cost-effective (they retail at around £25 and contain a few decent sized products which proves to be a much cheaper way of trying them out than working your way through individual full-sized products) but they’re also well packaged for travel.

For me, the stand out product in this Body Therapy Skin Kit was the Conditioning Body Wash. It really didn’t feel like anything special during use (I used it the normal way, either with a body polisher like this one, or the body attachment of my Nutra Sonic, but after my shower I was truly impressed by how soft and smooth my skin felt. As I first started using it on holiday, I thought the new skin softness might be down to the different water softness in Majorca, but having since used it at home with my horribly hard London water, the effect is exactly the same.

Whenever I look to purchase a body wash, I always seek out something moisturising as I’m a bit rubbish at moisturising my body skin, so if I can find a wash that does that for me then that’s ideal. I’m really happy with this wash and once I’ve finished my travel sized version I will purchase the full-size.


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