L’Oreal One Sweep Application Eye Shadow – coming to a store near you??

I love a bit of American Cosmopolitan, partly because they contain articles with names like ‘What Your Vajayjay is Trying To Tell You’ which was a gripping read, mainly because I had no idea American women were blessed with Vajayjays capable of communicating, but also because I get to read about product launches that arrive on their shores ages before they hit ours. 

One such thing that I’m particularly excited about is L’Oreal’s new one sweep eyeshadow which kind of follows a similar philosophy as the Benefit 10, meaning that one brush swept across the powder in the correct fashion will then distribute colour in the right places…..if that makes sense.  The one sweep eyeshadow has three colours and a special brush that takes a sweep from each colour, then you apply it your eye by sweeping it across the lid and it distributes a base colour, a contour colour and a defining colour in the right place.  This saves time on the whole tedious application of first brushing on your base, then fiddling about with the contouring etc.  Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 

Whilst I’m excited about it, I’m not so carried away with the idea of it that I think it’ll be a case of just lumping it on and being faced with perfectly applied eyeshadow – I’m sure a certain amount of tweaking and blending will be necessary as we don’t all have identically shaped eyes – but I do really like the idea of it and the woman in the video on their site (link below) seems to find it a breeze, even if she does take it almost all the way out to her hairline for some strange reason; maybe she was channeling David Bowie circa Labyrinth?  We’ve all been there. 

L’Oreal One Sweep Application Video


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