My First Negative Blog – KGB Dermalogica Deal

My First Negative Blog – KGB Dermalogica Deal

It might be that I was struggling to sleep last night when I saw this deal or it might be the fact that I’m absolutely shattered today as to why I’m still wound up about it, but as someone who is a big fan of group-buying sites like Groupon and KGBDeals, I was really wound up to see this deal offered for a Dermalogica Skin kit. Why? Because There’s no saving! The deal states that the price is £25 for one kit, down from the retail price of £55.50 on the Pinkies and Toes site. Now, either Pinkies and Toes charge an astonishing high mark-up for these kits (which retail at £24.50 at Dermalogica counters) or KGBDeals are trying to con their customers. Either way, it’s really poor and I’m so disappointed in KGBDeals as they often have some fantastic stuff on their site and have – in my opinion – overtaken Groupon.

What’s so stupid about this is that one little thing like this could ruin it for any future deals they offer, as customers will be wondering whether they are actually saving anything at all!
As I said, it’s a real shame as I love KGBDeals 🙁

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