The Hunt for the Benefit Dandelion Alternative

I really like the look of slightly flushed, pale pink cheeks and Benefit’s Dandelion is one of those products that is often touted as the best for such effect. However, the two main problems with Dandelion is firstly that it’s extremely sheer, so unless you’re rather pale it isn’t going to show up particularly well, and the second issue is that it’s quite shimmery, which not all people want in a blush. So I decided to go on a hunt for an alternative to Dandelion and see what I could come up with. The result is surprisingly sparse! I did a LOT of research, posted on all the main forums and had a bit of help and the main alternatives I’ve come up with are listed below. Swatches will follow soon, however I’m currently in the process of bullying my other half into allowing me to use his untanned hand for demonstrative purposes…..

Diorblush in Paradise Glow

I’m starting with my favourite and the one that I like to use the most. It’s very buildable which allows a lot of room for flexibility as you can go for a sheer wash of pale pink or build it up to a decent level of colour. The main problem I encountered with all blushes is shimmer, and this one is no exception. However, the shimmer particles are very thin which results in a glow as apposed to a sparkle and in the two tone blush, only one of the segments contains shimmer. So if you’re really anti-shimmer you can just use one segment and the colour payoff is still excellent. This is currently my most used blush; even with a tan it still looks gorgeous.

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  1. Dear Sascha,

    Did you get any further with this?

    I love Dandelion but have decided to forgo animal tested cosmetics for my New Year’s Resolution…what to do?

    Dandelion is proving to be the most tricky thing to replace so any ideas would be very helpful,



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