Top Five Make-Up Tools

1. Tweezerman Folding Lash Comb

This is an essential tool if you’re a big mascara fan (which chances are you are!) as it’s brilliant for combing lumps and clumps out of lashes after application of mascara. The significant difference between this comb and other combs is that the teeth are metal, which makes it much easier to grip lashes and comb through them rather than around them like a lot of plastic-teethed combs tend to.

2. Mac Wedge Sponge

This is a circle of sponges that break into wedges. They’re very cheap and easily the best blending sponges I’ve ever used as they’re flexible, get into every nook and don’t absorb product so they’re ideal for blending any foundation, concealer or blush lines.

3. Mac Full Lash Curler

This might be more a personal preference than a recommendation as I have eyes that are slightly larger than average, so I find it difficult to find eyelash curlers that will fit around my whole eye and take in every lash. Fortunately, these do and they create a brilliant curl without the crimp. They’re also very comfortable to use and never pinch the skin around my eye.

4. e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner

Obviously it’s important to give your make-up brushes a proper clean regularly, especially those that are used on your face, but if you haven’t got time yet need to loosen up make-up build-up on your brushes then this is an excellent cleanser to remove make-up and dirt in between cleans.

5. Boots 2-Sided Stand-Up Mirror

This is something I perceive as an addition to my standard make-up mirror. It’s handy for checking various angles, close-ups and also for moving around if you need a different light for the make-up you’re applying; I need to be able to look away from direct light to apply my mascara and this mirror means I can see everything from every angle. It stands up when you don’t need it close but has an easy-grip handle for when you need it immediately in front of you.

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