Upcoming Beauty Geek Competitions

Thanks to all who have entered this months competition. I’ve logged the participants info and I’ll update the log as and when I receive more entries. I’ll announce the results on here once the draw has been completed on the 23rd.

I’ve now started work on the competitions for the next few months and I’m really excited about them! Next month’s comp will have the theme “Pretty in Pink” which will consist of a selection of pink themed products. That’s all I’ll share at the moment, so if you’re interested in finding out more, you’ll need to check back at the end of next month when the competition launches 🙂
As the Pretty in Pink comp is a little bit special, it will ONLY be open to current followers of my blog. So if you start following after the date it launches, unfortunately your entry won’t be counted, however, you will be able to enter the following month’s comp. So make sure you start following the blog as soon as possible to guarantee your entry! Once the comp launches, info on what to do to gain more entries will be provided.
Thanks again to all of you who are reading, commenting and keeping in touch on Facebook, Twitter and on here; I really, really appreciate it! X

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