e.l.f. After Dark Promotion 11.10.11 – 14.10.11

The lovely and oh-so generous people at e.l.f. are running another promotion, which will consist of 40% off a minimum spend of £20 (so minimum you’ll spend is £12 +p&p).

Here are the things I’ll be stocking up on:
Studio Makeup Mist and Set


This is kind of like hairspray for your face as it holds your make-up in place. I’ll be trying it because whilst I’m pretty happy with my foundation choices at the moment, I’m still prone to oiliness and the consequence is that my make-up tends to slip off, so hopefully this spray will rectify this.

Duo Eyeshadow

I’ll be purchasing this in Black Licorice as I’m a big fan of grey eyes at the moment so hopefully this’ll prove handy in my hunt for the perfect grey. I’m trying to find one that isn’t so dark that it looks charcoally, but isn’t so light that it looks too white.

Cream Eyeshadow Palette

I really like the colour choices in this palette and at £3.50 it looks like a bargain. It’s also got a couple of greys in it which again will assist in my search for the perfect grey.

Studio Stipple Brush

I’ve started stippling my liquid foundation as it’s the most unbelievably easy way to apply it, which also results in a flawless finish. I’ll blog more about this technique soon, but I definitely need another duo-fibre brush to work with this application.
Eyebrow Stencil
I find using stencils to fill in my eyebrows such a time-saver and they always result in a clean and neat finish. The stencils I currently use are clear which is a bit silly as I can’t see whether my eyebrow is under the stencil or not. These appear to be white which will make things much easier.

Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush

I really like using gel pot eyeliners (mainly Bobbi Brown at the moment) so I’m hoping this will make application a breeze.  I also like smudging a dark grey (yeah, that colour again) along my upper lash line for a daytime smoky eye look and I think this brush will make that easier to achieve.  Not that it’s particularly difficult, but if it can be even easier then why not?

Studio Blush Brush

I need a spare blush brush as I’m not always organised when it comes to giving my brushes a regular clean (which is why I keep buying new ones and consequently have soooo many) and the dome shape of this brush really appeals.  I’ve used Studio brushes before and they’re usually of good quality (unless they arrive with glue stuck to the bristles like one of mine unfortunately did) so I’m looking forward to using this.

There we have it; I’m taking full advantage of the e.l.f. promotion and stocking up on things I’ve been admiring for a while and that’s SEVEN items I’ll be getting for £15.25 including p&p.  The promotion is running for the next 3 days from today (Tuesday 11/10/11) to Thursday (14/10/11) but as it’s an ‘after dark’ promotion, you can only use the codes from 5.30 in the evening until 9.30 am the following morning.  Therefore, the promotion will close at 9.30am on Thursday 14/10/11.  The code for today is DARKTUES, Wednesday’s is DARKWED and can you guess what Thursday’s is?  Yup, it’s DARKTHUR  For more information, check out their Facebook page here and remember that, as is usual during e.l.f. promotions, the website will be painfully slow so patience is necessary.  Don’t forget to let me know what you’re planning to buy too!



  • paula
    October 17, 2011

    What was the studio stipple brush like? Ive got 2 of the powder brushes(which are brilliant),I use one for powder and the other for stippling.Ive been eyeing up the studio stippling brush,do you think its worth buying?

  • BeautyGeekUK
    October 20, 2011

    It’s pretty good but it depends on what coverage you’re looking for as I find this one gives quite a sheer coverage, whereas the Crown Brushes one is slightly denser and gives better coverage. Crown Brushes are really affordable too so worth looking into xx

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