My Night Time Skincare Routine

This is me asleep.  No, really, it is.  

I’ve always had a slightly weird fascination with the way other beauty obsessives approach their maintenance routine as I think we all find our own way of doing things and it’s interesting to know if anyone does anything differently. So assuming (and hoping) that’s it’s not just me being plain nosey, I thought I’d do a few blogs on the approaches I take to my beauty-related maintenance, starting with my night-time ritual. So as of October 2011, this is my night time routine:

In my opinion, Neutrogena Hydrating Cleansing Wipes are the best.  

Whatever happens (as in, whatever I can be bothered to achieve) I’ll always start with a cleansing wipe. This removes a lot of the surface dirt and make-up as well as a lot of my eye make-up. However, I’d never recommend only using a wipe as a skincare routine – even when I really can’t face much more I’ll still find the energy to use some sort of cleanser afterwards. Using a wipe also breaks down eye make-up well so you don’t have to do lots of rubbing on the area.

Then I move on to cleansing which will either involve the Nutra Sonic Facial Brush (review here) or if I’m shattered then a standard wipe-off cleanser. The absolute best cleanser for my skin type is Nick Lowe’s Sebum Control Cleanser. This is like a toner in the sense that you apply it with cotton wool, but it is so effective at removing dirt and make-up without making my face feel stripped. If you have an oily skin type then it’s tricky to find a cleanser that’s effective enough at breaking down the sebum without leaving your face feeling tight and stripped off moisture, but this cleanser manages to achieve that. If I’m using the Nutra Sonic then I’ll use Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense Cleanser.

Once cleansed – either way – I’ll then use Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense Toner (you’ll see a pattern forming here….) just to ensure my skin is completely clean and prepared for the next stage. I’ll also use Clinique Take The Day Off eye make-up remover to remove any trace of eye make-up.
Then I’ll apply Blemish + Age Defense Serum all over my face. I’m still crazy about this serum as my skin is glowing. I’m still getting spots here and there (including a rather impressive cystic pimple on my chin right now; joy!) but I have plenty of completely clear days and my skin looks brilliant now. Yes there are still issues that need addressing, but thankfully these are normal issues that only I see when I study myself in the mirror. I still have acne scarring but it’s much better and I feel much better with my skin thanks to this serum. It’s truly unbelievable. Going to start panicking when I run out though as it’s painfully expensive.
I’ll give the serum a chance to settle in and during this period I’ll apply lip balm and brush my hair. Then I’ll apply Eucerin Q10 Active Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream. This is a very rich cream that normally would be an absolute no-no for anyone who’s prone to spots, but this is made brilliantly and doesn’t break me out at all. Instead it deeply moisturises and allows me to wake up with plump and hydrated skin. It also counteracts the possible drying effects of the Skinceuticals serum.

Whilst this is soaking in I apply eye cream. I’m yet to find an eye cream that I’m truly happy with as I want one that deeply moisturises but doesn’t make my eyes puffy and this appears to be a bit of a catch 22. I’ve found some fairly decent ones though and consequently I’ve amassed quite a few, so I go with whatever’s handy. During this time, my night cream is soaking in which then means I can move on to my next step which involves treating any spots that are there or possibly forming. The best spot treatment I’ve come across to date is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion which is not the best treatment if you share your bed as it’s quite an obvious pink that doesn’t soak in, so you’re basically highlighting your spots, but it really does dry them out quickly and I had a reaction to a serum recently that caused a major breakout – seriously impressive, it pretty much took over my chin – and this lotion helped me clear it within 2 days. It’s also great applied to newly forming or under the skin spots as it stops them in their tracks. I definitely recommend trying it if you get spots.

After that, I crawl into bed and play Scrabble on my iPhone and nine times out of ten I fall asleep whilst trying to put together a word that involves the letter ‘Q’ when I have no ‘U’….


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