Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection

PIN ITA couple of weeks ago, I attended the fabulous Handpicked Media Gets Social which is basically a day of talks on improving your blogging skills. Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that, so if you’re interested, have a look at Beauty and the Dirt’s run through of the event here.

There were also some fantastic sponsors there including Bourjois, Shu Uemura and Kiehls, which meant we got to sample some of the new products these brands were launching.
One of my favourite goodies from the day is this Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection, which is a cooling gel containing Thermal Plankton, Calcium and Caffeine. The applicator contains 3 metal balls that cool and massage the area during application. I don’t have much experience with Biotherm so I was excited to be introduced to the brand through this eye treatment.
I’ve tried a few versions of cooling eye gels and never really got on with them because I’ve found that they haven’t followed through with their promises. For me, the significant difference between this particular gel and the others I’ve tried is that the moment I apply it I can feel my under eye area tightening and ‘deflating’ (unfortunately I suffer from hugely, puffy eyes when I wake up) but without feeling like the moisture has been stripped from the area. I usually avoid gels purely because my under eye area is always crying out for moisturisation as well as needing to feel soothed, so if I have to pick between the two I go for moisture so my make-up sits better, but happily this gel meets both requirements.
I’ve added this to my daily routine and I now apply it the minute I wake up (I tend to apply it quite heavily as it doesn’t go into bits like a lot of eye treatments so I can get away with really working it in) and by the time I’m ready to apply my make-up, my eyes look more awake and less puffy, so it’s a winner for me. Having had a bit of a hectic time recently – and knowing it’s only going to get worse in the lead-up to Christmas – I’ll be putting together a list of things I rely on to keep me looking alive and the Eye Perfection will definitely be a worthy mention.
Available here for £22.45.
*Press sample.

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