Tom Ford Brow Sculptor

For some reason, ever since I heard about Tom Ford’s plans to launch a make-up range I’ve been referring to it as ‘Tom Hardy’s Make-Up Range’. I’m fairly confident Tom Hardy has no plans to launch a make-up range (although no official sources have stepped forward to deny it, so you never know) and I fear this may just be my subconscious trying to force Tom Hardy to the forefront of my mind more regularly.

I was really looking forward to trying this brow pencil as it looked like it was a little more innovative than the usual, mainly due to the fact that the pencil itself is thin and angled which I felt would make application much easier; if you need to pencil in fake hairs to improve the density of your brows then you’re best bet is to use a nib that’s the same shape as a hair.
On first inspection, I wasn’t blown away by this as it felt like the pencil itself was really tough. Whenever I first come across a make-up pencil my instinct is to try it on my hand to see what the colour and texture is like, but this pencil was really tricky to try out on my hand. You really have to press it down to make any kind of imprint which normally would be the sign of a poor make-up tool, but really it makes sense to have a brow pencil like this as you don’t want a pencil that is thin enough to go all over the place on your brows, you want one that’s going to look natural and only imprint where you really want it to.
The packaging is pretty good; it comes with an eyebrow spoolie at one end and the pen itself is quite thick which makes it easier to grip and use. The spoolie isn’t ideally put together as it’s a bit too close to the packaging which makes it difficult to brush all the hairs up on the brow. It’s useful for quick touch-ups out and about, but not for getting your brows perfect when you first do them.
The colour I have is the lightest one which is called Blonde. It’s still quite dark, but definitely suitable for my colouring, however I’m not sure whether it might be too dark for people with very light brows. It’s a very natural finish and I definitely find it easy to use now I’ve got the hang of it. I really prefer natural brows as opposed to heavily pencilled brows, so this pencil is perfect for me. If you like statement brows though, this might not be your best bet as I would imagine it would be quite tricky to achieve with this pencil. The best part of this pencil is the applicator nib as it makes pencilling in fake hairs really easy, so if you don’t mind spending a few quid on a quality brow pencil then this is definitely worth looking into.

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