Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

I’ve had this hanging around for ages but haven’t had a chance to use it properly as I’m not supposed to use any kind of exfoliator whilst treating with a ReAura.  However, as I’m not able to use the ReAura due to my skin breaking out (which I’m happy to report appears to be almost sorted and ready for treatment again….hope I’m not tempting fate with that statement…) I’ve been free to try this and I have to say, I really love using it.

I had a facial recently where they used a very gentle scrub as part of the treatment and I remember thinking at the time that I need to start avoiding such harsh scrubs and instead invest in something more gentle and kind to my skin.  The big difference between this scrub and others I tend to use is the size and shape of the exfoliating beads.  The beads I’m used to are quite scratchy, almost abrasion like, whereas the beads in this scrub are more circular with nothing hard or scratchy and slightly larger.  When using this scrub, you feel them gently roll over the skin rather than scratch at it.  It’s a lovely way to exfoliate that leaves my skin feeling smoothed and clean rather than red and slightly attacked in appearance!

This is it smeared so you can get a proper look at the size and shape of the beads.  Sorry it’s a bit…..unpleasant looking.

I have no idea whether this unclogs my pores, it certainly hasn’t had any impact on the blackheads on my nose, but then again even the hardcore scrubbers haven’t and very little will remove these other than evil extracting or a good going at with a sonic brush.  I think this scrub would work wonderfully with a sonic brush as it’s so gentle, so that I’ll be trying that out tonight.  This is also gentle enough to use over breakout areas which makes it a good choice for problem skin types.

The best part about this scrub is the fact that it’s so cheap in comparison to what I’m used to paying.  My usual scrub is around £15, but this is £4.99, meaning it’s earned a cost-effective and well-deserved place in my regular skincare routine.

You can buy this at Boots here.

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