Colour Love: Personal Taste vs What Suits You

I really, really, really love pink. Not in a Katie Price kind of way (I hope!) but I’m more likely to be influenced to purchase something if it’s in a really beautiful pink. I’m not just talking make-up, I like pink packaging, pink clothes, pink shoes and pink flowers, although not all at once, obviously. The first thing I did when I received my new iPhone was order a pink cover for it.

I’m not fussy about what kind of pink, either. I’ll love something in candy pink as much as I’ll love a bright fuschia. However, even though I really love a pop of pink on my cheeks, I’ve recently used a warm orangey brown that I had a sample of, and I’ve been getting lots of ‘you’re looking very well’ comments. So, is my pink-heavy make-up drawer that way because I’ve carefully selected the right colours for my complexion, or is it simply a case of me falling in love with the colour and deciding to try and make it work?
I know that pink is a really good colour for my lips and whilst I do dabble in other members of the lipstick colour spectrum, I usually revert back to a nice, soft, baby pink because it’s gentle, pretty and feminine. Earlier this year, I went on quite a mission to find the ultimate baby pink powder blush and spent a sorrowfully large amount on goldilocks style, not-quite-right shades before finally finding what I wanted (Illamasqua’s Katie, for those on an equally pointless – but thoroughly enjoyable – mission). As soon as I applied Katie, I loved the doll like prettiness it gave my cheeks and I finally felt like I’d found ‘the one’. I took great care in the application and the first day I left the house with it applied, I was the cat with cream covered whiskers.

But, my boyfriend asked why I’d decided to wear such bright pink cheeks (it wasn’t bright, he’s a boy, ignore him) and my mum said I was looking rather pale. Did this mean that the beautiful Katie colour was not the right match for me? Surely not; it’s the most stunning pink blush on the planet! Yet, since deciding last week to give other shades a go – with a heavy heart and immense reluctance – I started dabbling.
At the Handpicked Social Media, we were given a takeaway goodie bag that included Vivo’s Baked Blush in Cinnamon Glow which is pretty much as it sounds; a warm, cinnamony, orangey brown. The words I used to describe the colour would normally be enough to send my pink Converse covered feet running for the hills, but, since I’ve started blogging about beauty, I’ve learned to keep an open mind and I thought it was time to just suck it and see, and obviously, it’s a good colour for me so I’ve been wearing it for a few days.
So it’s clear I had been choosing style over substance and going for the colours I liked the look of, rather than the colours that were best for my colourings.
But so what! Whilst Cinnamon Glow brings me compliments, there is no joy to be found in applying it. It’s not a colour I like the look of and it doesn’t hold a candle to Katie. Whether Katie suits me or not, just opening the case and seeing the beautiful pink staring back at me is enough of a high to motivate me into using it more. I might look pale, it might look unnatural, but the joy of knowing it’s a colour I love that I get to see every time I glance in the mirror is all I need. I love pink and so pink I shall wear.

Are there any colours you stay loyal too?  Or are there colours do don’t like, but wear because they suit you? 


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