Nars Super Orgasm Nail Varnish

As mentioned in my Christmas haul post here, I got some lovely goodies from Long-Suffering Boyfriend for Christmas. LSB decided to go rogue with his present choices, so rather thank sticking to the pinks that I usually buy myself, he instead bought the Super Orgasm kit which is mainly peach toned. These aren’t normally colours I would go for, but I’m surprised to say that I really like this and I’m especially fond of the nail varnish.

I applied two coats to my toe nails and the colour is a very pretty peach with flecks of sparkling gold. Apologies for the zoom-in on my questionable feet, if you check out my lazy girl’s pedicure here, you’ll see that I tend not to put too much effort into pedicures during the winter, hence the presence of cuticles and dry skin!

In conclusion, I really like this colour and I’m probably going to try this on my fingers soon too. It’s a gently, pretty shade that flatters my skin tone without looking too OTT so this has been a great introduction to Nars varnishes for me.

The set I have is available here and my understanding is that the varnish is only available within the set. The standard Orgasm polish is available here with the description reading “peachy pink with shimmer” which, to me, sounds a lot like Super Orgasm so I’m not too sure of the difference between the two, but if you know then please feel free to enlighten me!*

*The lovely Ria posted in the comments section that the difference between the two is that the original Orgasm polish is peach with shimmer, whereas the Super Orgasm is peach with full glitter; thanks Ria xx


  • Ria
    December 28, 2011

    The regular Orgasm does not have glitter in it, it’s just a pretty peach colour, with gold shimmer.This one though is better!

  • BeautyGeekUK
    December 29, 2011

    Ah fab, thanks Ria; will update shortly xx

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