Palladio Herbal Dual Wet & Dry Foundation

I have had this foundation for absolutely ages and I kept meaning to review it, but the problem is that I use it a lot and keep it on me, so it was tricky to pin down a time to give it a clean and take some pictures, so sorry for the fact that it’s half used in the images in this review!

Palladio Herbal Dual Wet & Dry Foundation is a multi-use product.  It can be used dry as either a foundation or a setting powder and wet as a concealer or more liquid foundation.  All uses provide a medium to full coverage, but in liquid form the coverage is slightly more intense.  However, you can apply it sparingly for a more natural finish.

The foundation itself is very skin friendly and contains AHAs to treat skin, Hyaluronic Acid which helps stop it looking too powdery, and Zinc Oxide to deal with breakouts.  So this is a seriously hard working bit of make-up.

The shade I have is in Laurel Nude which is absolutely perfect for my skin tone; unfortunately a little too perfect as it blends so flawlessly into my skin that I cannot, for love nor money, get it to show up well on my swatches!  I’ve tried building it up but it’s an exact match for my colouring so sincerest apologies for the not very helpful swatch.

This is an absolute staple in my kit.  The packaging is well made and really handy as it contains the sponge in the lower tier and the foundation and a mirror in the upper tier so it travels really well.

It’s so incredibly useful with various different functions, so here’s a few of the ways I use it:

  • If I’m in a hurry I can comfortably use this as a full coverage foundation.  I just buff it in like I would a mineral powder. The only reason I don’t do this daily is because the finish is very matte and I like a bit of a dewy finish. 
  • If I have more time, I use this to set liquid foundation.  Again, I buff it in and it blends beautifully.
  • If I really need some serious coverage, I involve water.  I spray a powder brush with water, collect some of the product and work it into my skin. 
  • As this shade is such a good match for me, I can use it as a liquid concealer.  To do this, I wet a concealer brush, collect some of the product with the brush and work it over the blemish.  You can also do the exact same thing with a sponge; just wet it, dab it in the foundation and then apply it to the blemish.
The only thing I wouldn’t use this for is covering under-eye circles as my under-eye area is really dry and this would accentuate the dryness.
If you can see it (!!) the top is applied wet and the bottom is dry.
I’ve zoomed in a bit more, not that that’s made much difference….left is applied wet, right is applied dry.
This is a really fantastic and affordable make-up product that has so many uses and you can take it from sheer and natural to full coverage, making it an absolute essential for me.  You can buy it here for £14.  
*PR Sample 


  • nikita
    March 17, 2014

    How do u use it wet? Can it be use with a beauty blender sponge or elf small stippling brush?

  • nikita
    March 17, 2014

    How do u use it wet? Can it be use with a beauty blender sponge or elf small stippling brush?

    • Sascha BG
      March 17, 2014

      I just wet a sponge and work it across the powder. I haven’t used it with a Beauty Blender yet (good idea though!) but I think it would work well xx

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