Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish

I’ll start by apologising for the manky state of my cuticles.  I just cannot get them to look neat without drawing blood.  Anyway….as any of my regular readers will know, I’m resigned to the idea of being absolutely rubbish at applying nail varnish.  I don’t know why as I’m usually a fairly capable girl, but stick a fiddly, varnish brush in front of me and it’s globs, smears and missed bits ahoy.  However, I may have found my saviour in Rimmel’s 60 Second Nail Polish.

Firstly, it’s got a large brush that’s intended to make it easier to cover the nail with more speed.  I think it was Bourjois who first started doing this with nail varnishes and it’s a great idea as, for me, it works really well.

Secondly, the consistency is perfect for less nimble types like myself, as it’s thin enough to spread around without being so thin that it looks transparent.

It claims to be capable of covering in one coat but I’d say that whilst one coat is adequate, two coats are needed for a decent colour payoff.

I’m seriously happy with this varnish as it not only performs brilliantly, it makes easy work out of nail painting AND it’s cheap at £3.69 a bottle.  I’m a total convert and will be stocking up on my next visit to Boots.

The shade I used is called Rose Libertine (405) which is a very pretty, glossy and almost like a muted, vinyl pink.  I don’t think it looks anything like the swatches on the Boots website as it’s much darker and less pearlescent.  I love this colour and consequently it features in my very first Nail of the Day which I’ll be blogging about shortly.

Rimmel 50 Second Nail Polish is available at all Rimmel Outlets and here at Boots.


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