Five Things That I Love (February 2012)

I’ve done it again and left it far too long to write this list, which is weird as I really enjoy working out my monthly favourites, but there you go!  Here are my February favourites:

1.  OPI Varnishes


I’m referring to them generally as I haven’t decided on a favourite yet, but as a girl who really struggles with nail painting and general creativity when it comes to nail art, these varnishes really do deserve the credit they get, especially now they have a wider brush (I have no idea whether this is a new thing or not, but I tried them donkey’s years ago and they didn’t then) so I’m a total OPI convert, even if they do insist on stupid names.  If OPI isn’t within your price range then Rimmel’s 60 Seconds is also a fab choice, both for consistency and ease of application, but OPI have just pipped Rimmel due to the fact that they go opaque with a lot less effort.  I have an official OPI habit now and have amassed a painfully large collection in a very short space of time.  I’ll be reviewing Pink Friday soon.

2.  Bioderma Sensibio

This is one of those products that arrives and immediately becomes part of your daily routine, therefore it’s tricky to maintain enthusiasm for as it’s so functional and effective, yet not particularly exciting.  However, it is amazing at removing make-up (especially eye make-up which is just melts away) and is amazing for sensitive eyes.  It feels like water without the sting and you can quite literally use it on the inside of the eye (so great for tightliners like me!) without any irritation occurring.  It therefore has a well deserved place on my love list for February.

3.  Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush

I bought two of these and the accompanying brush when there was a Buyapowa deal on for  I’ll have to admit that the first time I used it I hated it and couldn’t understand what the fuss was about as I struggled to get the application right and it either looked too sheer or too heavy.  I believe that the key to success with this is to buffer it in in layers and treat it like a very malleable stain rather than a liquid, if that makes sense.  It’s interesting as it has the same consistency as a stain, yet moves around easily like a cream, so it’s an odd little hybrid.  Now I’ve got the hang of it, it’s safe to say that it is an absolute god-send if you’re a fan of a really natural looking glow.  It’s actually very easy to work with and gives that ‘just been out running’ and it’s easily the most natural blush I’ve ever used.  Expect lots of “you’re looking very well” comments when you start using this.

4.  Ginvera BB Cream*

This is still something I’m using every single day as it’s incredibly easy to work with, smells nice and gives a lovely dewy, yet grease-free finish.  I’ve managed to cut my morning make-up routine down to just over 5 minutes (it’s just too cold to get out of bed until it’s absolutely necessary) and it’s largely helped by this as it works fantastically at evening out my skintone, doesn’t accentuate the dry patches on my cheeks and doesn’t make me breakout.  I would say that recently I’ve noticed that my ever-determined oiliness has started showing earlier in the day than usual, but I think I would be asking too much to expect this to calm my oiliness too without the aid of a setting powder.  There are very few BB Creams that can literally replace moisturiser, primer, concealer and foundation (in my experience) and yet still be an absolutely breeze to apply, but this is definitely my HG BB Cream.  My full review is here.

5.  The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask

This has proved an absolute god send to use after ReAura treatments as it gives my skin the two things it’s craving most after treatment; a boost of moisture and a cooling and soothing treat.  My skin feels really hot and slightly tight after using the ReAura (which is exactly as it’s supposed to feel) and slathering my face in this and leave it on for an hour cools it right down and makes it feel calm and happy.  I would really recommend this to anyone who struggles with dry and sensitive skin as it really is a lovely mask.

*PR Sample



  • Chrissy
    February 21, 2012

    Oooh, this list consists almost entirely of things that I really want to try (yes, I still only own one OPI polish and I haven’t even used it yet). I’m eyeing up the BB cream in particular after reading your review.

    • BeautyGeekUK
      February 25, 2012

      Thanks Chrissy 🙂 I’m terribly obsessed with OPI varnishes at the moment (as you’ll inevitably see over the coming weeks since I’ve got several on file already to review!) and I seem to have a new one arriving every few days; I absolutely love them!

      The BB Cream really is fab; it’s a shame they stopped doing samples as I really think that anyone who tried it from the sample would happily have purchased it xx

  • Mila de Illusoire
    February 21, 2012

    Lovely post, I love you blog!:-)
    Would you like to follow each other? M.

    My blog in english:

    • BeautyGeekUK
      Mila de Illusoire
      February 25, 2012

      Thanks Mila, I will of course follow you! I couldn’t find any way of following other than Bloglovin’ so I’ve followed you on there xx

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    February 22, 2012

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    • BeautyGeekUK
      Clinical Care Skin Solutions
      February 25, 2012

      Thanks very much xx

  • zolar
    March 2, 2012

    Cool… I will find it at cosmetic store nearby

    • BeautyGeekUK
      March 18, 2012

      Good luck xx

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