Queen Eye Make-Up Remover

Queen Eye Make-Up Remover is quite an interesting product as it wasn’t at all what I expected.  When I read about it, I assumed it was a cold cream style make-up remover, and whilst it is sort of like that, it’s actually quite different too.  It’s a product aimed at people with sensitive eyes (like me) and you apply it by gently rubbing it over the eyes and working away at the eye make-up.

The texture of it is like a creamy balm.  It looks and feels very thick and when you scoop a small amount out, it slowly breaks down into more of a kind of thick oil.  However, it really isn’t greasy at all in texture, so it’s quite tricky to describe!  The best I can go with is a non-greasy balm-like gel….not great, but hopefully you get the idea.

As directed, I applied a small amount over each eye and massaged it in.  I then used a cotton pad to remove both the remover and the make-up.  Having used it a few times now, I’d say you’re better off using a tissue to remove it first before involving a cotton pad as otherwise you’ll get through quite a few pads before you end up fully removing the make-up.

It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all and doesn’t leave a greasy film, but you will be left with a film of sorts so it’s worth following up with a micellar water or similar.

Most days I wear eyeshadow and mascara (1 coat) and, if I have time, a bit of eyeliner too.  I would say that this product is best suited to people who wear a lot of eye make-up as it really breaks it all down brilliantly.  I used this when I had a full face on for a night out and it made light work of what is usually quite a time-consuming task (I’m all about the eyes for night time make-up) but I wouldn’t say that I need to use this on a daily basis as I don’t feel it’s necessary.

In conclusion, I like the product and will definitely use it to remove heavy eye make-up, but for day to day make-up removal I prefer the convenience of using a single product to remove it all, but maybe that’s just me being lazy.  If you’re a heavy eye make-up wearer though then this is definitely a product worth investigating, especially as it’s gentle enough for contact lens wearers too.

It’s available from the Queen Cosmetics store here priced at £14.50.

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