Ardell Accent Half Lashes

Ardell Accent Half Lashes

….and on we go with my latest obsession; fake lashes.  I still most definitely have not got the hang of application yet, but I think I’m getting there….?

After the elation of the successful application of a pair of fake lashes, I got all busy and ordered three packs of Ardell lashes.  They arrived today and I got to work, but I have to say, I actually think I prefer the Eylure ones! I don’t know if it’s just because they’re new and need to be broken in, but I found these harder to bend around my eye shape.

I still like them though and will therefore probably wear them on a night out tomorrow night and see how I get on.  It’s worth noting that I’m on a date tomorrow night, so if half way through my schmoozing session (that’s right, I’m a schmoozer) I become aware of a lash strip crawling down my cheek, I won’t be happy.

Once I got the blimin’ things to stick, I was actually quite pleased with the result.  I think I’m just not a fan of full lashes, even the alleged ‘natural’ ones, so these demi-lashes suit me perfectly.  I’ve still pretty much missed the natural eye line and applied them about a foot too high (or a couple of mm’s if you’re not a fan of drama) but I’m getting there….slowly but surely….

Tomorrow I’m off for my weekly visit to Boots, so I’ll be seeing what else is available in the wonderful world of fake eyelashes, which no doubt means that there’ll be more reviews to follow.

I purchased these Demi Lashes from an eBay store here.



  1. April 27, 2012 / 2:18 PM

    Hey you should try the individual lashes, there easier to apply! i love ardell lashes though! they look really nice! x

    • April 29, 2012 / 6:23 PM

      Thanks Vikki; funny you should say that as I picked up some last week and have just used them in my most recent FOTD post. They’re really great! xx

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