John Frieda Heat Activated Styling Spray

John Frieda’s Heat Activated Styling Spray is pretty much exactly as it says; it’s a styling spray that’s aimed at boosting volume and reviving over-processed hair and over-styled hair that is activated when you style with heat.

I wouldn’t say my hair is particularly over-processed, although it is bleached pretty regularly and I do hotstyle with my Babyliss Big Hair, so it definitely gets a bit of roughing up on a fairly regular basis.  
To use this, you just spray it into wet or damp hair and style as usual.  The directions are a bit confusing as they state “Spray on wet or towel-dried hair.  Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness” and I did find myself wondering ‘more or less than what?!’  However, I’ve tried using this both sparingly and completely saturating my hair, and it doesn’t seem to hit that point where you’ve used too much, resulting in lanky, ‘producty’ hair.  
Not the most useful of pictures, but this shows that it’s not thick or too sticky looking. 
Very few things make it into my regular hair styling products list because very few things that I try tend to deliver.  This, however, is a really lovely, easy to use product that definitely boosts volume, adds a good glossing and doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave it feeling tacky to the touch.  It’s also – as mentioned above – pretty foolproof to apply.  
I don’t ever expect miracles from hair styling products, but what I do expect is for them to make my life easier, one way or another.  If they do great things for volume but are a pain to apply, or add an amazing sheen but you have to tread really carefully with how much you use, I lose interest in them very quickly.  This styling spray is definitely a keeper as it gives me my hair, but better and you can’t tell I have any product in at all.  Therefore, I’ll continue to use this as it adds a little something extra to my blowdry finish.
The Heat Activated Spray (S) and all other John Frieda Full Repair hair products are available now.. 

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