Apivita Lip Care with Pink Rose

I’m finishing off the week with the last of my favourite pink lip products that I’m making my way through at the moment.

Apivita Lip Care with Pink Rose, is, as it sounds; a pink, tinted lip balm.  There’s nothing new there, but this does a truly fantastic job at replacing moisture in my lips and it contains organic beeswax and Olive Oil.

I don’t know if Olive Oil is something that regularly features in lip care products, but if not then it should as this is my absolute favourite lipbalm at the moment; the fact that it’s pinked tinted is a bonus as even if it wasn’t, I’d still use it.

The packaging is pretty and functional and I do like the design of having all the info on the outer casing.  The finish is a super-pretty, girly blush type flush of pink that I love.

The other thing I like about this is the fact that it doesn’t taste like a standard lipbalm; for me, there are a lot of lipbalms that can catch the back of my throat when some get in my mouth, but this one doesn’t and instead tastes slightly sweet.

I use this daily and it’s the first thing I grab from my bag when I’ve got a moment spare to apply something to my lips, so it’s a definite winner for me.

Apivita Lip Care with Pink Rose (S) is available from the Apivita website priced at £3.76.


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