Dream Extension Slip-On Effortless Extensions

I initially had a bit of a rollercoaster ride with these extensions as at first I was really excited to try them, then I was a bit worried about the shade being sent as I wasn’t confident I’d found a good match, then they arrived and all was well again…

They’re called Effortless Extensions because they really do attach in seconds.  When I first read this I thought ‘hmmmm, we’ll see’ but they genuinely do! They’re attached on a very thin, slightly stretchy thong of plastic which sits within your hair, so to apply them you just line them up – the plastic goes kind of just in front of your crown and around your head and the extension itself sits underneath your crown – then you pull your hair through and blend it all in so you can’t see the plastic thong.  It’s seriously quick and very easy to do; I’d go as far to say foolproof.

The shade I was sent is called Penny which is in their red section (the others being blonde and brown) and I was seriously concerned that this would be a terrible match (worth noting that I picked it out myself; I’m absolutely useless at things like that) as I figured it would be too red and too dark for me.  Whilst it isn’t an exact match, it is pretty close.  It’s slightly darker than the colour I have now, but I think extensions look a lot more natural if they’re slightly darker than lighter.

The style I chose was Flare which is a slightly tousled, wavy style that I think is really natural, but there are quite a few different style extensions available including straight and curly.

Is it just me, or does this look like it could be the ghost of Cousin It?

I’ve kept the extension long for the benefit of the picture, but as my natural hair length is quite short (and you can see the difference between the length) I think I’ll be cutting it shorter so it blends better to look more layered.  Volume wise it makes me look like I have a lot of hair as you can probably see in the pictures.  It also works really well up in a ponytail, which I really like the look of.

There are only a couple of small issues for me; firstly, as there’s quite a stark difference between the length of the extension and the length of my hair, I can only wear it as this length with all my hair tucked behind my hairs to make sure it blends well, otherwise it’s really obvious that it’s an extension stuck in as you can see the contrast quite clearly.  Secondly, I don’t feel confident enough in the strength of the plastic thong to hold it in place independently, so I’ve used a couple of kirby grips to keep in place when I’ve gone out with the extensions in, however these are both very minor faults that can be easily rectified.

All in all I was really impressed with these super-easy extensions; the colour match is great and the range of styles is really great, so if you’re someone who wears extensions but is looking for something quicker and easier to apply, or if you cannot get to grips with clip-in extensions then it’s definitely worth checking these out.

It was really hard to take pictures that included the full length!

More info about Effortless Extensions (S) can be found here.


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  • Becca collins
    December 15, 2012

    Hiyah where did you get these extensions from? and how much?xx

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