Cut and Colour with E.Scissorhands

A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment with the guys at E.Scissorhands on the Archway Road, courtesy of SalonAddict.  If you’re unfamiliar with SalonAddict, it’s a service that allows users to book all their various beauty treatments in one place, with emphasis placed on organisation; so the further ahead you book, the cheaper the treatment will be.  They currently have a huge list of salons involved (I believe it’s close to 800 in London alone) and to secure your treatment you pay a small deposit, then pay the remaining balance when you attend your appointment. It’s a very user-friendly service where you can search by postcode or area and book in for the next day if you’re in need of an emergency appointment, you’ll know exactly what the price of the treatment will be and you can view all treatments that your chosen salon has on offer, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a Beauty Junkie like me.

On arrival at E.Scissorhands, I was asked to sit down to go through what it was I was hoping to achieve with my hair.  I first talked to Georgia who would be doing my colour and we discussed the fact that all I was really looking for was to have my roots blended in.  Then I had a quick chat with Edward and we agreed that I would  be keeping the length and we’d aim for a long, choppy bob.  I was then offered a drink and Georgia went through my colour options.  We decided that a warm, medium blonde would be the best bet for matching my natural colour to the rest of my hair.

Georgia was absolutely lovely; very chatty and we spent pretty much the whole time discussing make-up and boys.  Once my colour was in, I was placed under one of those machines which speeds up colour development which felt like a form of torture considering it was during that balmy week where everything was sooo hot so this part of the experience felt a bit like a resilience test!  Thankfully it didn’t last long and my hair colour was washed out (with ice cold water at my request) before we started on my cut.

Edward is one of those stylists who you can tell has been doing it a long time and knows what he’s doing.  He doesn’t need a lot of instruction to know exactly what you mean and he cuts hair with the typical absent-mindedness that comes from being so familiar with a trade that it’s all second-nature.  The cut was super quick as was the blow-dry.  I think I’ve mentioned on previous hair posts that I really hate having hair that looks slicked down and overly neat as with my long face it just looks ridiculous.  I didn’t have to express my concerns with Edward as he obviously took into account these factors when drying my hair, and gave me volume and a slightly unkempt finish which is exactly how I would do my hair if I was any good at styling it myself (although I’ve come on leaps and bounds since the arrival of the Babyliss Big Hair).

The salon itself is small but adequate.  It’s almost got a typical ‘anti-London’ feel, in that it’s much more of a local, suburban place which I personally prefer as I hate anything OTT.  The downside is that the chairs are seriously uncomfortable; if you have to sit there for any length of time then it’s going to be unpleasant for your neck and back.

The colour for me wasn’t the best colour I’ve ever had, but then I was only booked in for T-Bar highlights.  Having said that, normally even with T-Bar the majority of my roots look blended out but I can still see quite a lot of root growth at the front of my hair, which is a shame, made doubly worse by the fact that I really liked Georgia so I feel mean saying that I’m not overly impressed with the colour.  The main issue for me is the front part; as long as the parts of the hair that frame the face are blended then I’m not too concerned with the rest of it but it seems these parts were missed.  Obviously you learn from these experiences and in future I would make it clear that the front parts of my hair are the bits that I feel the colour needs to focus on.

The cut and finish were excellent and I was really happy with the shape and style.  I struggle to find stylists who are able to cut my hair so it doesn’t just hang and instead looks textured and I especially struggle with stylists who aren’t determined to give me that neat, blow-dry that they all seem to want to push on people.  Neither of these issues were apparent with my experience with Edward, so on that basis I would happily return for a cut and finish with him.

The Cut and Finish with Edward costs £50 (T) and the colour with Georgia also costs £50 (T). Visit E.Scissorhands for more information, which is based on the Archway Road, N6.



  • Ewa
    June 9, 2012

    The cut looks gorgeous on you, it really suits your face! Just a shame that the colour could be better.

    • BeautyGeekUK
      June 13, 2012

      Thanks so much lovely! I really love the cut and it’s sooo easy to style xx

  • Beach wedding
    June 10, 2012

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    • BeautyGeekUK
      Beach wedding
      June 13, 2012

      Thanks very much xx

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