Destination Skin Oxy Brightening Facial

I’ve had a couple of treatments via Wahanda lately, the first of which was the Brightening Facial which I’ll review now.  Annoyingly, I completely forgot to take pictures whilst I was there, so this’ll be an image-free post unfortunately!

Any regular readers will know that, as my skin has started to show signs of age (sad, sad times) I’ve been more inclined towards gentle, pampering facials that show my skin a bit of love.  However, whilst this is fine for the most part, my skin is also prone to playing up and recently as I’ve had a bit of a manic time, it’s gone from harmless, toddler-esque child’s play to hardcore Chucky-style evilness.  Stress and my skin have never been and never will be friends, so that’s why it’s working through the various skin types almost as we speak. I’ve got bits that are dry, bits that are dehydrated, bits that are oily and bits that are covered in several cystic spots; it’s a glorious experience for all involved.

I purchased a Wahanda voucher through Wahanda (funny that) ages ago as I’d been curious about Destination Skin and wanted to see if they were any good.  They’re more of a clinical treatment centre rather than a pampering one and their treatments are focussed on quick results rather than indulgence.  I arrived at the centre, filled in a detailed questionnaire and got set up for my treatment.  The facial I had was the Oxy Brightening Facial and the reason I purchased this was because I’m a bit fascinated by any treatments that involve Oxygen.  I’m easily pleased.

It turns out, the Oxygen aspect of the facial was no more than an Oxygen cream that was applied during the facial.  I had preconceived images of oxygen jets being fired at my face from all angles, but sadly this was not the case.  You can achieve the exact same thing with Bliss’ Triple Oxygen Mask which basically fizzles and pops over your face.

I had a lovely practitioner called Natasha who had, in the past, experienced similar skin issues to me (not that you could tell; jammy cow) so she tailor-made the treatment to ensure the products used were suitable for my skin type.  The facial lasted for approximately half an hour and involved the use of various masks including a salicylic treatment.  My skin felt seriously smooth, polished, cleansed and comfortable afterwards and my spots didn’t feel aggravated at all.  Consequently, I would recommend Destination Skin as a venue to visit if you’re prone to problem skin.

The only downside to my visit was the hard sell.  I know it’s sometimes unavoidable (although Sk:n manage to go without it) but I’m not a fan of being strongly urged into pursuing product lines.  This may just be a personal thing and an argument could be made that they’re just trying to ensure I’m informed about my skin type, but I prefer to just be handed a catalogue and sent away to think about it.

My voucher was £20 for a facial that usually costs £50.  Would I pay £50 for this facial?  To be honest, I don’t think I would as whilst I did enjoy the facial, I don’t think it warrants the £50 price tag.  Having said that, since my treatment I’ve been keeping an eye out for any upcoming deals at Destination Skin as I do feel that they promote decent and realistic treatment objectives and a lot of what they have to offer makes sense to me.  For target driven treatments and a pretty impressive range of procedures, they’re definitely worth checking out.  I visited the Barnet branch of Destination Skin but there are quite a few venues dotted all over the place and more Wahanda Spa Deals are available online at Wahanda.

Disclaimer:  paid for by me with my hard earned beauty booty fund.  


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