Glossybox: June 2012

This months box is, quite possibly, my favourite beauty box to date although I’m aware that the fact that the contents leans heavily towards make-up rather than skincare is going to divide bloggers, so it’ll be interesting to read what everyone else thinks.

As always, in order of favourites, here’s what’s in this months box:

Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Starter Kit

This is a weird one to start with as it’s the most ‘sampley’ one of all the products included, but I’m most excited about this for two reasons; firstly, there are six shades included in the starter kit, including the annoyingly elusive Porcelain which I just can’t seem to find anywhere! Therefore I’ve had to mix Opal (the next shade down) with a lighter concealer to get the perfect match, as mentioned in my Custom Blend post.  I’m really keen to see if Porcelain matches my skintone as if it does then I’ll definitely be purchasing it as you can’t beat Dermablend for coverage.  The second reason I’m excited about the inclusion of this starter kit is because a lot of people subscribe to Glossybox and if any of them are prone to nightmarish skin like mine, I think they’ll find Dermablend a godsend which will mean they can use this kit to find their perfect shade;  definite winner for me.

HD Brows Precision Tweezers

I’m so impressed that these tweezers are included in a beauty box: considering they cost £19.95, they’ve more than paid for the subscription without taking the other products into account.  I’ll most likely use these for eyelash application or fiddly nail art since I’m very cautious about going anywhere near my eyebrows (OK, I occasionally pluck a stray hair hear and there, but I’m prone to ‘once-I-start-I-can’t-stop’ syndrome) and having had a quick fiddle with these, they’re definitely sturdy, easy and feel as though they’re good quality.

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

I’ve read fantastic things about this leave-in conditioner but I’ve never got around to trying it, so I’m looking forward to seeing if this lives up to expectations.  Apparently it’s great for hair like mine (fine but lots of it therefore prone to flatness with frizz at the ends) so I’ll give this a whirl and report back with my thoughts.

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer

This is a pure mineral bronzer that looks like a good shade, although I think it’s likely to be a bit too shimmery for me.  Add to that the fact that it’s a loose powder which will make it rather messy and I think I’m unlikely to use this as a bronzer.  However, a shimmery, strong bronze is one of my favourite colours for my eyes (anyone with blue eyes should definitely try out bronzes that lean warm and orange as it really makes the blue stand out) so it’s likely this will get used as an eyeshadow.

Glossybox Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush

I feel a bit mean sticking this in last as I haven’t given it a proper testing yet and I may be pleasantly surprised, but being the brush maniac I am (I seriously cannot explain just how excited I get by a good quality brush; it’s very strange) I can immediately tell that this isn’t going to be a winner for me as it feels a little scratchy, the bristles don’t move as easily as I’d like and I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be prone to splaying.  I’ll do my best to give this the benefit of the doubt, but first impressions don’t look good.  The one thing I do think this could work quite well for is a highlighting brush, so I’ll give this a go and see how I get on.

All in all this is a real winning box for me as there isn’t one product that I’m not looking forward to trying out, one way or another.  I love the fact that this box is so heavily make-up focussed and the theme is “Sexy Summer” which I think has been perfectly encapsulated in this box.  Recently I’ve found myself a little bit underwhelmed by beauty boxes in general (I assumed it was the beauty blogger in me as I spend so much of my time surrounded by all things beauty) but this months box has sparked a bit of excitement, which is great!

Disclosure: my Glossybox subscription is complimentary for the purpose of this review.



  • Tia
    June 19, 2012

    Oh Sascha I just unsubscribed but this is possibly one of my fav boxes since the Feb box! Gutted 🙁 but on a plus my bank balance is slightly happier!! xx

  • Kate
    June 19, 2012

    Oh wow you got a Paul Mitchell product! And the tweezers!! I got a blusher brush in mine instead of tweezers 🙁 if you want to check out what else I got, my review of June’s box is here:

    Kate xx

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