NOTD: Polka-Dot Pastels

I’m very happy with this NOTD! I realise the polka-dots aren’t perfect, but I love the kitsch, Cath Kidston-esque effect this look creates.

I wanted to play around with pastels and polka-dots, so here’s what I came up with, although I realise they’re not strictly pastels and instead lean more towards brights.

Quite simply, two coats of each polish, dots made using a dotting tool 17’s Mini Skirt and a top coat of Nails Inc’s Kensington Caviar.

The colours used are all OPI as follows:

Pink Friday (pink)
Hey! Get in Lime! (green)
Do You Lilac It? (lilac)
Need Sunglasses? (yellow)
What’s with the Cattitude? (blue)

So I’m definitely a fan of this look and I’m already thinking up other things to try.

Disclosure:  All varnishes paid for by me other than 17’s Mini Skirt.  



  • Dewaaaaaaaaaaaa
    June 17, 2012

    I love the range of colours! Along the pastel spectrum but a tad too vivid to be pastels – they’re gorgeous 🙂 And yep I was thinking Cath Kidston in my head then I saw you’d written it too!


    • BeautyGeekUK
      June 19, 2012

      Thanks lovely, I know what you mean as I had pastels in mind, but they’re not quite bright enough to be bright, yet not pastel-y enough to be pastels so they’re a bit tricky to place in the colour spectrum! xx

  • Ewa
    June 17, 2012

    Love this look! So happy and cheerful!

    • BeautyGeekUK
      June 19, 2012

      Thanks Ewa, me too! I really get a kick out of the vividness of this look so I’m thinking up different ways to do it as it’s probably my favourite NOTD so far xx

  • Tia
    June 18, 2012

    Looks great, my hand isn’t steady enough but I think I must try and practice nail art some more 🙂



    • BeautyGeekUK
      June 19, 2012

      Seriously lovely, I started out being completely incapable (some might argue I haven’t progressed much!) but I’ve just found ways around it so it doesn’t look too messy and I really enjoy putting it all together xx

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