Boots Christmas Launches Part Three (everything else!)

So now we come to the end of my very first Christmas in July experience courtesy of Boots.  The first two posts were focussed on Boots No7 & Fearne Cotton and Boots 17, but this post is a quick snapshot of the other things that I thought looked pretty cool including a couple of non-beauty items.

Firstly, here’s the Sanctuary Spa’s Winter Facial in a Box.  There’s nothing new in it from what I can tell, instead it’s a facial consisting of various products from their other facials that have been put together to brighten weather-beaten skin.  There are a few times where I’ve created my own bespoke facial by purchasing Sanctuary minis, so I’m keen on the idea of this:

Next up are various bits and bobs from Mark Hill.  I was recently introduced to the brand and have been impressed with what I’ve tried so far, plus I absolutely adore the packaging:

Lastly we have a few pictures of cute and dinky things I liked the look of:

Cute little candles sets.  

Cute little varnish sets.  

Cute little Italian Chef.  

 Sadly, Gino D’Acampo himself won’t be available for purchase at Christmas, but he has released a line of products that are aimed at making Italian cooking easier which I thought looked pretty fab, but then I was heavily influenced by the fact that he was making Tiramisu (my favourite dessert) right in front of me.

So there we have it!  All the fabulous releases that will be available nearer the holiday season for us to lust over until the dreaded “C” period has arrived.  


  • Safira Ali
    July 19, 2012

    I love the look of the candles. They look gorgeous, and making me year for winter!

    • BeautyGeekUK
      Safira Ali
      July 25, 2012

      Nooooo! It’s way too soon to yearn for winter, especially as we’ve only just got a sign that summer is here 🙂 I know what you mean though, they are very pretty candles xx

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