Leticia Haute Coiffure Summer Nail Colours

To celebrate the Olympics, Leticia Haute Coiffure have launched a manicure special encompassing five Essie shades that coordinate with the Olympic shades and these are Coral Reef (red), Shifting Power (yellow), Lapiz of Luxury (blue), Cocktail Bling (grey) and Navigate Her (green).

I was invited back to Leticia Haute Coiffure to sample the summer nail colours and have my rather neglected feet tended to with a Spa Pedicure.  Regular readers will remember my first visit to LHC when I met the fabulous Pierre who did wonderful things to my hair which can be seen on my review here.  All the staff at LHC are absolutely lovely so I was keen to go back, but nothing excited me quite as much as the opportunity to see Jack, Pierre’s ridiculously cute King Charles Spaniel, again and the boy has grown! He’s HUGE now!  I couldn’t believe it was the same dog when I saw him, but thankfully he recognised me immediately, and like old friends, we caught up during my pedicure:

Leticia Haute Coiffure is split into two sections with one side being the hair salon and the other side being more focused on beauty.  The main part of the beauty section has a couple of workstations for manicures and a large, raised sofa-bench for the pedicures with several foot baths beneath.  I really liked the set-up for the pedicures as it was comfortable and easy to just drop my feet in and allow my feet to soak.  The Spa Pedicure is a standard pedicure with the addition of a Paraffin Wax treatment (to soften hard skin) and a Callous Peel which involves placing thin strips of pre-soaked material on to areas of hard skin which are then left for a while to dissolve any roughness.  The Spa Pedicure was indulgent, pampering and most importantly, comfortable for the whole duration of the treatment.  The colour I chose for my nails is Essie’s Secret Stash.

After my pedicure, I had my Nail-Ympics manicure which was a standard manicure that followed the usual manicure process of cuticle removal, nail shape, massage and colour.  Unfortunately by the time we moved on to my manicure I was running seriously late for my next appointment, so I had to rush through it so I could get going! The colour I chose was Essie’s Lapis of Luxury which I absolutely love as it’s a slightly purple toned blue that’s really pretty whilst being something a bit different.

Just like my last visit to LHC, I enjoyed copious cups of choco-milk along with some chocolate nibbles and biscuits.  I won’t go into too much detail about the salon itself as I covered it in my last review, but it really is a lovely place to visit with friendly staff who make a real effort to make you feel welcome and pampered without overdoing it.  I’ve really enjoyed both appointments at the salon and it already feels like I’m visiting old friends each time I return.

The Spa Pedicure costs £70 and the summer colours manicure is at the special price of £20.12 (I’m sure you can work out why!) for the duration of the Olympics.  More information can be found by visiting the Leticia Haute Coiffure site.  

Disclosure:  treatments provided for the purpose of this review.  


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