Nelsons Pure & Clear Anti-Blemish Range

Nelsons Pure & Clear Anti-Blemish Range

Nelsons are a brand who, up until recently, I only really associated with homeopathic remedies such as Arnica which my school nurse used to dish out by the bucket load to treat our playground bruises.  Therefore, when I was given the chance to try out their Pure & Clear range – aimed at problem/spot-prone skin – I jumped at the opportunity.

There are four products in the range; Purifying Daily Facial Wash, Balancing Moisturiser, Blemish Gel and Daily Facial Wipes.  I haven’t had a chance to use the facial wipes as I’m not really a facial wipe kind of girl any more, but I’m off on holiday soon so no doubt all my good habits will go out the window then.  Both the facial wash and the moisturiser are absolutely lovely; they’re really gentle, kind and soothing to problem skin types and don’t lean towards typical harsh ingredients like a lot of products aimed at my skin type.  Having said that, because my skin is so extremely stubborn, they’re just not strong enough for me.

The wash is clean and fresh and leaves skin feeling clear without any dryness at all; in fact I’d go as far to say that this is the only facial wash aimed at spotty skin that doesn’t result in skin feeling even slightly stripped.  The moisturiser is a milky, light cream that moisturises effectively without overloading.  However, the star product in this range for me is the Blemish Gel.

Left to right: Purifying Daily Wash, Balancing Moisturiser, Treatment Gel.

The Blemish Gel is surprisingly potent and effective at reducing the size of spots quickly.  The first few times I used it, I just applied it to the spot and nothing really happened so I assumed it was too gentle for my skin.  However, after the first few nights I decided to rub it in to the spot and the difference was amazing.  This is by far the most effective high street spot treatment I’ve tried (I normally have to order things online for treating spots as there’s very little available on the high street that’s any good) and will definitely be a repeat purchase for me.  You can comfortably apply it liberally, both to spots and spot-prone areas and it’s brilliantly effective in a very short space of time without drying out the surrounding skin.  If you’re spot-prone, you should definitely, definitely try this out.

So in conclusion, Nelsons Pure & Clear range is probably best for those with oily skin/mild acne but if you’re like me and prone to stubborn, moderate acne then this won’t make things worse, but it also won’t have a huge impact on your problem skin….other than the Blemish Gel which is a star buy for me.

Pure & Clear Anti-Blemish Facial Wash costs £7.85
Pure & Clear Anti-Blemish Balancing Moisturiser costs £8.49
Pure & Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel costs £8.49

Disclosure: products sent for free for editorial consideration.  



  1. Random Spotty WOman
    August 30, 2012 / 11:56 AM

    Thanks for this – the incredibly strong tea tree smell would have made me avoid the gel, but it has not flaked my face off as I would have expected without your review.

    • September 7, 2012 / 10:40 PM

      The Gel is absolutely fantastic and I’d recommend it to everyone who gets spots; I’m so used to strong smelling products that it didn’t occur to me to mention it, but I guess for you my lack of mention was a blessing in disguise 😉

      Really glad you’re getting on well with it xx

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