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I’ve been a terrible blogger for the last few days as I’ve had so little free time available to write, yet annoyingly, there’s a lot I want to write about! Therefore expect an influx of news and reviews this coming week when I FINALLY get some time to take pictures and put my writing cap on.

In the meantime, I’ve added a new permanent page to my blog which I’ve called “Titbits”, something I’ll no doubt regret when I start getting search traffic for porn.

However, the reason I’ve called it Titbits is because I wanted to set up a permanent page that can contain tips and bits and bobs about beauty that I think are useful, yet not deserving of a full post. I’ll be updating it regularly and would appreciate any input; if you have any beauty nuggets of wisdom then please comment on the page and I’ll add them to the main page (with credit given to the sharer) as and when.

The page is along the top with the disclosure policy, contact info etc and can be found here: Titbits.¬† As you can see, it’s a little on the bare side at the moment, but I just wanted to get it started as I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. ¬†Hopefully it’ll prove a useful list of beauty ideas, but at the very least it’ll work as a good spot for me to add little things that I think are worth mentioning without having to create a whole new post around them,


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