EOTD: Organza Eyes

Not very original; I named this EOTD after the name of the eyeshadow palette I used….

This was a seriously quick EOTD as the textures of the No7 Organza palette are like silk, meaning I can blend with ease and as the colours are all complimentary, they merge together really well.

In the palette there are three shades; a silvery lilac, a true lilac and an ice blue and all the finishes are metallic.

For this EOTD I used the silvery lilac all over the upper eyelid up to the socket and all the way under the lower lid too.

I then used the true lilac on the socket and outer corner followed by the blue on the inner corners of both the upper and lower lids.

I finished with a skinny line of L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim and one coat of Benefit They’re Real.

Due to the blendability and metallic finish, this whole look took a few minutes and I think the results are really pretty and gentle.  To turn this into a night look, I’d make the lash liner thicker and add black kohl on the waterline.

Disclosure: palette from a goody bag, the rest purchased by me.  


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