Holiday Post: Hair and Body

By the time this post goes live I’ll hopefully be sunning myself in Marbella and I had planned to do a breakdown of all the things I was taking away with me.  However, my mum has been in hospital for the past two days with an infection, so the two days I had put aside for getting everything organised were instead spent in the A&E waiting room.  Thankfully she’s fine and we’ve been given the go ahead to travel, but I haven’t even had a chance to change my pounds into euros so chances are I’m not going to get a chance to do all the posts I’d planned either 🙁  Therefore I might just do the skincare post and this post and leave the make-up post for when I get back.

The great thing about my holiday is that it’ll give me a chance to try out things that I haven’t previously been able to.  I’ve made full use of my ‘holiday mood’ and put together a group of products that I’ve been meaning to try for ages but haven’t got around to yet.  I approached my holiday organising with the steely determination that usually ends badly (for me, anyway), and I decided to buy a small trio of cosmetic travel cases and try and limit all my beauty products to what would fit in these three cases.  I also bought some travel dispensers, so hopefully that’ll improve the situation somewhat.
Here’s what I’ll be taking, roughly from left to right:
Abees Honey Scrub:  this is the pot to the far left of the picture that has all the writing rubbed off.  It’s a lovely, oily, gentle scrub that’ll work like a dream on sun parched skin.
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer:  this is a mask treatment that you use before shampooing.  I love this and I’m bringing it because it’s travel friendly and will hopefully maintain the new glossiness I currently have thanks to my colour.
L’Oreal Elnett Diamond Hold Hair Spray : this is purely for my fringe!
Charles Worthington Crackle Wax:  this gives fantastic definition and roughs up hair just enough for that laid-back, beach-chic look that I’m always convinced I can achieve but never quite get there…
Umberto Giannini Salon Shine Glossing Mist:  I’ve bought the travel-friendly version of this as it’s a light, easy, shine spray that gives great gloss and finishes a ‘done’ style.  
PIN ITDiptyque Mimosa candle:  I just love the idea of lulling around in the sun with a gorgeous candle helping to set the scene.  I’m so into candles lately and I’m still spending an unhealthy amount on them.  
Aldi Miracle Oil:  I was sent this to try recently and I’m hoping it’ll be an effective and cheaper alternative to Moroccanoil.  I’ll report back.  
Astral Original:  I take a pot of this with me every holiday as it’s so multi-purpose; it removes make-up, moisturisers and works as a great aftersun.  I won’t be using it to remove make-up as I’m all Jan Marini-ed up, but my mum will inevitably steal it as is usually the case.
Sure Maximum Protection:  this moisturises and keeps everything dry and clean-smelling, so if it’s as hot as I’m hoping in Spain then hopefully I’ll need this!
Abees Nourishing Shower Gel:  This is seriously dinky sized and my mum loves it, so I’m hoping this’ll see me through the entire holiday.
Stylfile Emergency File:  I’ll be reviewing the full range soon (if I haven’t already – scheduling so far ahead is tricky!) and I absolutely love the design and travel-friendly take on this; it’s both a buffer and a file housed in a travelling case that takes up virtually no room and can go on a keyring.  
iNOA Colour Care:  I’m using this religiously – Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner – and I’ll be taking it all with me, albeit decanted for travel.  
La Roche-Posay SPF30: obviously I’m going to need sun protection and this is the perfect size as it’s not as cumbersome as a lot of other suncreams.  It’s also really gentle which my skin needs as I think it’s going to find it shocking enough being faced with actual, real sun!
Oxy Seaweed Deep Calm Balm:  this is a weird one as I’ve had to stop using it for its intended reason (now I’m on the Jan Marini routine) but I just love it so much and I’m now using it to take away the look of dry skin on my feet! Odd, yes, but it’s such a lovely balm and works brilliantly for both its original purpose and my new one too.  
So as you can see, there’s quite a lot coming with me but I’m hoping that once I’ve got my decant on, it’ll all look miraculously tiny and fit in a match box.  
Disclosure:  I’ve barely found the time to write this post so forgive me for not going through everything and breaking it down! It’s safe to say it’s a good mix of purchases and samples.  


  • Never Too Broke For Beauty
    September 16, 2012

    I’ve just been to Marbella and it was amazing!! Hope you have fun! I’ve just invested in the Aldi Oil too but haven’t given it a try yet x

    • BeautyGeekUK
      Never Too Broke For Beauty
      September 19, 2012

      Thanks lovely! I actually didn’t go to Marbella and instead was just outside it….I was convinced we were going to Marbella though! xx

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