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PIN ITI’ve not really bought into the idea of products that you spray over make-up to make it stay fresh for longer, not because I don’t think they can work, but because I don’t think they’ll work for me. I have very oily skin that has to be treated at a skincare level and there’s no magical product on the planet that’ll be able to stop the oil appearing on a surface level other than large quantities of powder applied at regular intervals.

However, the reason I wanted to buy Mac’s Fix+ was to stop heavy make-up looking heavy.  A while ago I got back into mineral foundation to finish off and set my face make-up (I’ve tried lots of variants but still tend to go back to Everyday Minerals for their coverage and shade match) and if you’re heavy handed with your application when trying to build up a high coverage then you can be left with a build-up of make-up that looks incredibly unnatural.  Therefore, I hoped that something like Fix+ would soften that look and I’m pleased to report that that’s exactly what it does.

So I use Fix+ to soften and set heavy make-up and stop it looking too OTT and for that reason I’ll continue to repurchase it; it also doesn’t break me out or make spots worse. I have no idea whether it keeps make-up in place and to be honest I haven’t really paid enough attention to whether it does or not, but I’ll try to do so and report back!

Mac Fix+ is available in two sizes 30ml for £7.50 and 100ml for £13.50 although I believe that the smaller version is only available at certain Mac shops and online.

Disclosure: purchased by me.


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