New Skin: Introduction to Jan Marini and N-Lite Laser

I’ve hinted about my new skincare plans in a couple of posts recently, and now it’s time to share with you my news.  A little while ago I had a consultation at The Private Clinic in Harley Street.  I happily and heartily recommend them if you have any skincare woes as they seriously know their stuff and due to the fact that they invest heavily in skincare research, they’re pretty keen to ensure you end up with precisely the right product and treatment choices rather than trying to sell you whatever faddy new skincare brand they’ve recently taken on.

My consultation was with Lisa who was fantastically easy to talk to and really knew her stuff.  She’s been working in the industry for absolutely ages, having gained experience through various big name, high street clinics before eagerly moving to The Private Clinic due to their commitment to skincare development.  We had a long chat about my skin before deciding that the best course of action would be a strict skincare routine for a couple of months, before starting some N-Lite laser treatments.  The skincare brand Lisa swears by is Jan Marini.

Interestingly, I have experience of both N-Lite and Jan Marini.  I had several N-Lite treatments with Dr Chu at Hammersmith Hospital (widely known as ‘the’ man to see if you suffer from adult acne) and I used Jan Marini when I was a teenager.  The N-Lite treatment was excellent but not long lasting, so I couldn’t bring myself to trek it down to Hammersmith Hospital every few months.  After receiving N-Lite, my skin would pretty much clear-up for about 4-5 months.  According to Lisa, N-Lite is the most effective treatment for adult acne as long as a home maintenance routine is in place…

…which leads me nicely to Jan Marini.  As I said, I used Jan Marini when I was a teenager and the range worked brilliantly at conquering my problem skin.  When Lisa mentioned the range, I couldn’t quite believe it hadn’t occurred to me to try the range again as it had worked so well previously.  To be honest, as there was quite a gap between when I used the range the first time and when my skin kicked off again (after I stopped taking the contraception pill, Dianette) I think I just forgot all about the range.

I’m trying so hard not to turn this into an essay (so far, not doing too well…) so for that reason this is purely an introductory post and I won’t be reviewing anything yet.  I’ll be keeping everyone regularly updated with my progress using Jan Marini over the next few months and then how I get on with the N-Lite, and these posts will be called (ever the optimist) “New Skin”.  I’ve been using the Jan Marini products for a week and a half so far, so in the next couple of days I’ll post about the products I’m using.  I’m seriously excited about this as I feel like there’s finally a good chance for me to get the skin I’ve been lusting after for longer than I can remember.  Imagine, I might soon be able to actually enjoy foundation rather than seeking out whatever has the highest coverage….I’ve already tentatively started on my wish list, so fingers crossed for me please!

Here you will find more information on Jan Marini, but it’s also worth checking out the acne before and after pictures.  Head here to find out more about The Private Clinic.

Disclosure: treatments provided for the benefit of these reviews.  


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