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A while ago I mentioned that I was trying out a spot treatment that was working really well but I was a bit
vague with the details; mainly because, other than knowing the brand name I didn’t actually know anything about the product itself.  This remained the case until last week when the product line was officially launched, and I got to find out a lot more about the brand and the products.

Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash

Firstly, I’ll hold my hands up and say that this is a very “science-y” brand and the majority of the scientific demonstration went far, far over my head.  However, I definitely garnered enough info to know that this is a brand worth sharing with my readers.  Firstly, one big pro of Merumaya is that it was created by Maleka Dattu, who not only has an astounding level of experience in the beauty industry (think Clinique, Lancome and Origins; more info here) but also has skin that is prone to breakouts.  Therefore she wanted to create a line of anti-ageing products that could be used by people who are spot-prone, and regular readers will know that I bang on about the fact that there are so few product lines aimed at people who need to treat spots and target ageing.  All products in the line are formulated so they won’t aggravate spots and will instead work alongside spot treatments.  All of the products are also sympathetic to typical traits in spot-prone skin which means that you can expect to comfortably and effectively treat both skin issues.

Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF15

 Another main selling point for this brand is that the products have been created to work both immediately and long-term; Maleka’s experience in the industry taught her that women want results as quickly as possible and tend not to be willing to stick to one product for months with the hope that it’ll start showing signs of progress eventually.  So the products are created to show immediate aesthetic results (for example, the Intensely Youthful Eye Cream is first and foremost a treatment, but it also smooths and plumps the eye contour immediately as a cosmetic effect) to ensure that users see enough of a difference early on to want to keep using the products.

Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask 

Obviously I’m still on my long-term skincare review for Jan Marini, so I can’t throw myself into trying this range just yet.  However, I have used the Concentrated Spot Treatment (way back when it was still being created) and can happily report that it’s a really effective treatment.  I’ll be honest and say that when you apply it you think it’s going to be one of those treatments that dries everything out and leaves you with charmingly dry, rough skin; I was anticipating this the first time I used it and braced myself the following morning, but there was absolutely no dryness at all, just significantly reduced spots (even they weren’t dry, just smaller) and smoother skin surrounding the broken out area.

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum

I’m also currently using the Intensely Youthful Eye Cream which is glorious to use.  It really does smooth everything out and feels intensely nourishing without the greasiness.  If I had to grumble, I’d say that the pump-action is a bit of a pain as it’s tricky to control how much product comes out so you end up with a lot more than you need, but if you’re very careful (I’ve been using it for about a week now and I’ve nailed the knack) then you can carefully push the pump so you only end up with about half a pump; more than enough to completely cover both eyes.  It’s a real winner for me though and I’m currently using it every AM and PM.

Merumaya Manual Cleansing Brush 

The full range is suitable for all skin types and includes two cleansers for double cleansing (Melting Balm Cleanser and Luxury Facial Wash), two treatments (Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel and Pure Radiance Mask), the Iconic Youth Serum, Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF15 and the Intensely Youthful Eye Cream.  There’s also a Concentrated Spot Treatment and two cleansing aids: Manual Cleansing Brush and Daily Cleansing Cloths.  I particularly like the idea of the daily cleansing cloths which come as a pack of seven cloths (a hybrid between a flannel and a muslin) for £12.50 with the idea that you use one every day so you’re never left with manky, product-stained cloths in your bathroom.  Whilst I can’t ever see myself being so organised that I’d use a new one every day (I’d do alright for the first seven days but I think after that it’d all go a bit wrong…), the fact that you’re getting a stock of seven cloths for £12.50 means I’ll definitely be buying these.  I usually pay at least £2 for a new cloth so this kit is a real money-saver.

Merumaya Daily Cleansing Cloths

Prices are reasonable and mid-range going from £14.50 for the spot treatment and the cleansers to £34.50 for the Iconic Youth Serum.  There’s also a taster kit available which contains a full sized Intensely Youthful Eye Cream plus four trial-sized versions of some of the other products.  This is priced at £24.50 which is the same price as the standalone Intensely Youthful Eye Cream, so it’s a really good introductory kit to the brand as you get the trial-sized products free.

All-in-all this is a great line of new products that anyone can use (even us spot-prone types) that isn’t too expensive, is incredibly well formulated and easy to integrate into your current skincare regime.  The range is available online now and will be launching in John Lewis in January next year.

Disclosure: spot treatment and eye cream were PR samples.  


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  • Emmy L
    October 18, 2012

    This seems like worth trying for. I find it interesting since it is ideal for all skin types. I find it affordable too.

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