New Skin: Jan Marini Skincare Post One

It’s been a little while since I’ve mentioned Jan Marini in regards to a review, so I thought it’d be a good idea to write an update.  So far I’ve been using the products for a little over 2 months.  I was warned that it would be a slow process whilst my skin adapted to a complete change in skincare and it definitely has been a bit of a rollercoaster experience with some big highs and equally big lows.

At the moment my skin condition is fine; not amazing, but fine.  I’m still spotty – sadly there’s no getting away from that – but the spots are improving, albeit it very slowly.  I had several pretty bad breakouts as my skin adjusted to the changes, which really freaked me out at first, but having researched other peoples reviews on the regime it seems that everyone who starts it gets the same sort of thing: skin breaks out, then clears up, then breaks out again before levelling out.  Unfortunately my worst possible breakout was during my holiday which was rubbish but it’s done now!

Generally my skin is looking a lot better.  The biggest difference so far is the pigmentation on my cheeks which has lost its vibrant red colour and has definitely shown signs of fading.  I no longer get clusters of spots, which is great, obviously, but it does mean that individual spots look more obvious! Ridiculous thing to focus on I know, but I have about 3 spots now which are dotted around my face and because they’re not blended in with the other spots – even though they’re not that large – in my mind they’re really obvious.  Another big plus is that I don’t really get any dryness any more; especially on my cheeks and nose.  My skin is a lot smoother, firmer and brighter…so the last (and hardest, which we knew) thing to battle is the spots.

Since my last update I’ve added a couple of new products to the regime, and other than the minor slip with the Ole Henriksen mask, I’ve been completely loyal to the Jan Marini regime since I started it.  It’s been a really easy routine to stick to and I’m happy to carry on and see how I get on as I’ve definitely seen significant improvement and I’m hoping that things will start to speed up now my skin should be almost completely adjusted to the regime, I’ve started N-Lite (review to follow) and tonight I’ll be adding a sixth product to my regime which is the Age Intervention Retinol Plus.  My skin responded really well to the Retin-A in the mask I mentioned in my favourites posts, so I’m hoping it’ll respond just as well to this.

Whenever I speak to people in the trade about Jan Marini, the one thing they all say is the reputation the brand has for being amazing for treating acne.  I’ve also met a few people who have acne but control it with JM products so I’m really optimistic that it’ll work for me too, I just have to be patient and stick it out! To be honest, if I hadn’t seen improvement by now then I would’ve happily thrown my towel in, but as my skin is so much better and the spots I’m getting are easier to handle (nothing too angry, fade quickly and are therefore easy to conceal!) I’ll definitely be carrying on and I’m still really excited about the routine.  I’ll be posting pictures soon with befores and afters and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Disclosure: PR samples for the benefit of this review. 


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