New Skin: N-Lite Laser First Treatment

Last week it was finally time for me to start my N-Lite laser treatment review which I was seriously excited about.  I had to be on the Jan Marini regime for a minimum of 6 weeks before starting the laser treatments and for some reason it felt like ages!  You don’t actually have to be on the JM routine to receive N-Lite, but the two work really well alongside each other and The Private Clinic are really keen to ensure that I get the best results possible, so this is the way we’re doing it.

My initial consultation and first treatment were with Lisa who is seriously fabulous and definitely the one you want to see when you go to the clinic; she’s brilliant at telling it all straight, doesn’t act under loyalty to any products (so will only recommend those she’s seen work) and manages to strike the balance between not beating about the bush but having an excellent bedside manner…for want of a better way of putting it! To give you an example, when I was settled in for my treatment I said “is this going to hurt?” “Yes” she said…thanks Lisa! Thankfully it really wasn’t that bad pain-wise, but more on that later.

To undergo a course of N-Lite you need to have a patch test before your first treatment.  I had mine shortly after my consultation and it all went fine.  I have had N-Lite before (years ago and it worked well, hence my excitement about having it again; the reason I didn’t keep having it was because the place I went to was difficult to get to and there was always a hoo-ha to get an appointment) so I kind of new what to expect.  However, the conclusion Lisa and I have come to is that the treatment I originally had was of a far lower level as the sensation was completely different.  The first time around I barely felt it but that wasn’t the case this time…

I settled in for my treatment, put on the most fetching hair net, then Lisa went to work at removing my make-up and throwing in a surprise extraction to keep me on my toes (as it was in a really awkward place – on my nose right between my eyes – she wanted to make sure the laser fully penetrated it and it is nothing more than a little mark now) before sticking on some goggles.  Then the treatment started which was done in phases.  On a scale of one to ten, I’d say the pain was about a five for the most part; the chin and forehead went up to a six (possibly even a seven at a couple of points) and my jawline was around a one as I couldn’t feel it at all.  To compare it to laser hair removal, I’d say it’s slightly more painful but only marginally.

Lisa said that I’d likely breakout over the next few days after treatment.  I have a couple of very small spots in places I don’t normally, so I’m assuming that’s the laser.  There was no redness after the treatment (Lisa applied an SPF afterwards) and no sensitivity.  In fact, there’s really nothing to report post-treatment so there’s definitely no downtime.

N-Lite is an intensive treatment that works under the skin as well as on the surface to kill of bacteria.  The Jan Marini products prepare my skin for N-Lite, the N-Lite then works ferociously on my acne before the Jan Marini products maintain the effects, so that’s where we’re at with my New Skin plan!  It’s unlikely I’ll know how the treatment has worked until well after the second treatment, but I’ll keep you updated.

For more information about The Private Clinic head here, and for more info on Jan Marini head here.

As a side note, Dr Wolf from The Private Clinic will be performing a live Fat Transfer Hand Rejuvenation later on today at The Private Clinic website for us all to watch if we are so inclined.  It sounds a bit gory and I don’t really know enough about it (I would assume it’s a procedure to make hands look younger – not as wacky as it sounds if you consider the hands are usually the biggest age give away which is why I cream mine obsessively) but if you fancy checking it out and seeing what’s involved then it’ll be starting at 1pm today (Monday).

Disclosure: treatments and products provided for the benefit of this review.  



  • Mairaj
    October 25, 2012

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  • Sophie
    July 17, 2013

    I am having this treatment in a couple of days and was wondering if I can still go in the sun, a few days after the treatment because I’m going on holiday after the treatment for two weeks.. Do you know whether I can go in the sun or not?


    • Sascha BG
      July 17, 2013

      Hi Sophie,

      I’m fairly confident you shouldn’t go in the sun straight after the treatment, but unfortunately I can’t remember either way! I know you’ll need to use a very high SPF at the very least, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

      Good luck with your treatment; give it time as it definitely works! xx

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