Five Things I Love (October 2012)

It’s almost December so I’m seriously late with this post, but it was kind of interesting to do a review of last months favourites so late in the day.  October was a bit of a ‘meh’ month for beauty (for … read more.

Dying For Clear Skin?

Whenever there’s a show regarding acne on TV I get e-mails from readers and reminders from friends and family to watch or record it.  Recently, BBC3 aired a show called “Dying For Clear Skin” which was a fairly balanced research … read more.

Christmas Gift Guide: Mac

Back to make-up with the super pretty offerings from Mac.  I honestly have no recollection of Mac doing Christmas collections previously (I’m sure they did, I just didn’t notice them) so these ridiculously pretty, cute and covetable gift sets will … read more.

Yankee Candles: Cherries on Snow Tealights

My candle obsession continues so it was only a matter of time before I got involved with something from Yankee.

Ever since I started burning the Popup Paris WizzNadine candle which is quite a fruity little number, I’ve become a … read more.

Christmas Gift Guide: Murad

Here’s another skincare based Christmas Gift Guide to reset the balance of the mostly make-up gift guides I’ve already written about.  I’ve posted about Murad kits on previous occasions as they really do put a nice kit together and there’s … read more.