ghd Style & Protect Gift Set Review

I’ve been meaning to review the ghd Style & Protect Gift* set for a while, but I haven’t been able to get the right light for any decent pictures that I thought adequately showed off the finish you can achieve with the products included.  Finally last week I styled my hair and found the lighting was good enough to take some snaps.

Anyway! This is a kit that makes smooth, styled hair much easier to achieve and includes a prep spray (Straight & Smooth Spray), a finishing spray (Final Shine Spray), a large paddle brush and two styling clips.  This is a pretty foolproof kit that can be used to compliment whatever styler you use to finish your hair. I would assume it was designed to be used alongside ghd straighteners, but I use this with my Babyliss Big Hair and it works brilliantly.
You use the prep spray before you start your styling and use around six sprays all over your hair.  I then use the paddle brush to make sure the product is evenly distributed.  I always clip my fringe before I start styling (I use two clips; one going in from each direction so it firmly keeps my fringe in place) so the inclusion of two clips is perfect for this.  I then rough dry my hair to get the majority of the moisture out before smoothing it down with a dryer and the paddle brush.  I finish with a quick work over with the Big Hair brush, before again smoothing it all down the paddle brush and finally finishing with a quick coat of the finishing spray.
This approach has saved me a lot of time as whilst I love the Big Hair brush, it is very time consuming to work through my hair, section by section, until all hair is smooth.  I really like both products as they don’t make my hair feel sticky or greasy and instead leave a really shiny and tangle-free finish.  The paddle brush is absolutely amazing, possibly even the star of the kit, as it’s such a great size and works through hair without pulling or feeling uncomfortable.  I use the paddle brush daily for keeping my hair smooth and thankfully I have no problems with static which is something I always seem to get with hairbrushes.  
All-in-all this is a great, hair-pampering kit that would make a gorgeous Christmas present.  It’s a touch expensive at £39, but if I were to guess the price of the paddle brush alone based on it’s quality I’d put it at around £20, so whilst it isn’t a cheap kit, I think it’s a case of you get what you pay for.  Available now from the ghd site.  

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