New Skin: Quick Update

I thought I’d do a quick update on what’s happening with my “new skin” plan so far to update on both the new skin diet and the skincare I’ve been recently reviewing.

Starting with the diet, it isn’t going that well unfortunately! I’m really rubbish at depriving myself of anything as I’m such a cliché, so the minute I start the deprivation, I’ll also start constantly and obsessively thinking about whatever it is I’ve removed from my diet.  I think it’s fair to say that since I decided to cut out dairy I’ve consumed more dairy than I did before I quit it.  Not a great start…

However, I’m doing better with cutting down on sugar and I’m slowly removing more and more of it from my diet.  I’ve also almost completely eradicated caffeine and I’m only having one cup of tea a day.  The coffee and coke I drink is now mostly caffeine free, although I allow myself a can of fat coke a couple of times a week as a treat.

I’m still committed to the Jan Marini routine and haven’t fallen off the wagon since my brief flirtation with the Ole Henriksen mask.  A few days after the N-Lite treatment my skin broke out manically and all over the place; so I had spots on my cheeks, forehead and temples which aren’t the usual areas I get them.  Then a couple of days later my skin cleared up and the random spots disappeared.  I did have one day last week where I had no spots at all, but one day isn’t much to get excited about really is it?  Today my skin isn’t great and the thing I’m struggling with most is the fact that my skin is so up and down; I keep seeing little brief moments of optimism, but then my skin will kick up again.

I’ve attended quite a few skincare events recently and having spoken to quite a few experts, the one thing that keeps coming through is how people don’t give skincare products enough time to work.  The general census is that six months should be given before people give up on a skincare product.  I’m not sure whether I agree with that or not, but I’m still only about three months into my routine, so I’ll definitely give it until the six month mark before reassessing.

So that’s the update! If anything else changes I’ll update soon, if not then I’ll update again a little after my next N-Lite treatment which is next week.

Disclosure: N-Lite treatments and Jan Marini products were provided free for the benefit of these reviews.  



  • Anonymous
    November 16, 2012

    I’ve just logged onto your site for the first time and I thought I’d comment as I’ve been on a strict diet for my skin now for a few months and used Jan Marini for a few years. I’m also 28 and bored of dealing with adult acne. All I can say is that the diet has worked wonders. I’m still eating dairy, albeit not lots but cutting out all refined sugars and processed food has worked WONDERS. That combined with the Jan Marini has made my skin much smoother and really glowing. It’s hard work but gets easier and really pays off. Good luck 🙂

    • Sascha BG
      November 21, 2012

      Thanks so much for your feedback, that’s great to hear! It sounds like you’re doing really similar things to me (I can’t go without dairy, I don’t know why I even considered it as it was never going to happen!) so hopefully they’ll work as well for me as they have for you xx

  • PolkaDot
    January 24, 2013

    I used to have not just bad acne but i had blackheads and whiteheads problems as well, i’ve tried so many products over the years but nothing helped, until I started using off with those heads by B.liv. My skin has improved tremendously as it not only controls acne it removes black&whiteheads as well! 🙂

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