Etat Pur Christmas Gift Sets

This won’t be in my usual gift guide format as I’ve only got a few minutes to write this, but I was sooo pleased when this press release arrived in my inbox as I do love Etat Pur, and their gift sets – just like the products themselves – are well constructed and brilliantly priced.  There are four gift sets:

Essentials For Him (£34.30)

Contains: Detoxifying cleansing foam 150ml, Ultra-moisturizing care 40ml, Bisabolol active15ml and Light moisturizing emulsion 5ml.

Essentials For Her (£24.20)

Contains:  Micellar cleansing water 190ml, Melting exfoliating gel 50ml, Melting moisturizing cream 40ml and Radiant complexion care 5ml.

Radiant Complexion (£34.80)

Contains: Citric Acid 15ml, Radiant complexion care 40ml, Detoxifying cleansing foam 150ml and Micellar cleansing water 20ml.

Essentials for the Body (£28.20)

Contains: Exfoliating shower body cream 150ml, Ultra-rich shower body cream 190ml, Melting moisturizing body milk 190ml and Micellar cleansing water 20ml.

I love the fact that these all come in at under £35 making them affordable gift sets with something for everyone.  If you haven’t had a chance to try Etat Pur yet (and if you haven’t then I strongly recommend checking them out) then now is a great time to get hinting!


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