Glossy Box December 2012

After the excitement of beauty boxes died down a little, I decided I would only post about them if they excited me.  Here is a run down of the Glossy Box items for December 2012*.

Sadly, it’s been a good few months since any of the boxes have piqued my interest but this Christmas edition is an absolute beaut, full of fab items that I’m definitely going to enjoy using.

As usual, I’m listing the contents in order of favourites.  
Sleek I-Divine True Palette 
I do love the Sleek palettes as they’re always great quality, with a good colour selection and a very purse-friendly price tag.  This palette is definitely going to get plenty of use and abuse due to the inclusion of lots of wearable nudes, gentle washes and a few smoky shades.  I was absolutely thrilled to receive this and can’t wait to give it a test run.  
Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Pink
I much prefer make-up items in beauty boxes and as I’m always on the hunt for a new pink blusher, it’s safe to say this will get a thorough testing.  This was actually a bonus item and not part of the main contents, but I’m still happy to receive it, especially since I really loved the pink Glossybox lipstick that was included in a previous box.
Seche Nail Lacquer in Elegant
I already have a couple of the new Seche nail lacquers and I’ve reviewed Precious here.  In my original review I mentioned my dislike for the formula, but ever since I’ve been rethinking my initial reaction as the finish is so, so, sooooo smooth and glossy – it’s almost gel like – so much so that I went out and bought the uber-famous top coat, so I can myself being a Seche convert.  I’m not sure about this shade as I’m not really an earthy nails kinda’ girl, but I think I’ll give this a go to see if it suits me.  
Anatomicals Lip Gloss in Strawberry Milkshake
The name is insane: “What a complete and utter glosser; I never fake strawberry milkshake fruity lip gloss tube.”  Are. You. Kidding???  Who thought that was a good idea?! I get annoyed when companies use more than four words in a product title so this is a little bit ridiculous.  However, I haven’t use any of the Anatomicals make-up products so I’ll give this a go and see how I get on. 
Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream
I’m a sucker for anything that involves the word milk or references cream as a food rather than a skincare product, so I’m quite sold on this product just on it’s name.  I assumed this was a body product but it’s actually a leave-in hair conditioner that smells of whipped cream.  If this gives me soft, touchable hair that smells of sweet, whipped cream then I’ll be a happy bunny.  
Rituals Magic Touch
I don’t know why it is, but I struggle to get excited about Rituals products; I think it might be due to the fact that they’ve appeared in many beauty boxes and I’ve never come across a product of theirs (other than candles which are on my list) that have excited me.  This smells nice enough, contains rice milk (I do like me some milk) and from what I’ve read elsewhere, is a lovely body moisturiser so I’ll give it a go and see what happens.  
I’m seriously happy with this month’s box; I especially liked the silver box (makes a nice change to the usual pink even though I love pink) and I hope that this is a return to form for Glossy Box.  

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