Online Sales Still Worth Checking Out

I don’t know about you, but it already feels like the Christmas season ended ages ago…or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking?  Thankfully there are still ways to carry on the Christmas spirit and fight away the New Year blues by having a little splurge and grabbing a bargain.

A lot of people tend to visit the sale pages of sites when the sales first launch, but it’s worth remembering that not all sale stock is put on the site immediately, plus as time goes on, further reductions are made.

Therefore, I thought I’d put a quick list together of some of the sales that still have plenty of bargains remaining, and later on I’ll be showing you what I picked up.

All links will take you directly to the beauty-related sales page:

Nails Inc
Harrods – Make-up Sale
Harrods – Skincare Sale

In the image above, 1 and 3 are from the Harrods sale, 2 and 4 are from the John Lewis sale, 5 is from the Nails Inc sale and 6,7 and 8 are from the Space NK sale.  

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