Top 12 of 2012

It’s finally 2013! I hope everyone’s year has started well and you’re happy to be back to normality.  If not, it won’t be too long before the snow starts and we’ll all be stuck at home again so just hold on for that!

I’ve spent the last couple of hours going through all the products I’ve used throughout the past year and working out which I think deserve to be in my best of 2012 list.  The ones I’ve included are things that have really impressed me, become firm favourites and are all things I’ll replace when I run out.  So without further ado, here are my top 12 of 2012.

I’ve had the Clarisonic for quite a while now and I keep stopping using it, then start again and wonder why I stopped! This is such a great product for me as I love to deep cleanse, yet as my skin is no longer young enough for deep exfoliation, I’m trying to avoid anything too stripping or scrubby.  Since I purchased the new acne brush head, I’ve been really enjoying using the Clarisonic again so I’m definitely going to try and keep at it from now on.

I was sent this back in February and fell in love with it’s amazing coverage and flatteringly dewy finish.  There are soooo many BB Creams on the market now but Ginvera’s offering, in my mind, is still one of the best, especially for my type of skin.

I’ve converted several people on to these – including my mum who really isn’t someone who gets excited about make-up, yet she visited Boots on three separate occasions to replace her shade when she ran out – and I keep the Belle shade on me at all times.  They’re the perfect lip product; the finish is glossy, the texture is balm-like, the colour range is brilliant, the price is extremely affordable and the packaging is both functional and attractive, so they really do tick all the boxes.

I’ve worked my way through quite a few fragrances over the past year, but I keep going back to Freak because it’s the most perfect balance of pretty girliness with modern, sophisticated strength.  I love the bottle too!

This is the first of two nail shades I’m including in this list.  This one is one of those shades that you really have to have on to fully appreciate; it’s Nails Inc’s take on the always popular Rouge Noir which leaves nails with a glossy, deep, dark, blackened red.  Absolutely beautiful and suits both long and short nails.

I’ve had these three (shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner) for quite a few months now and I’m still using them religiously.  They keep my hair happy by ensuring it’s well-conditioned without weighing it down.  It maintains my colour and the deep conditioner is especially fabulous.  I’ve tried a few different things on my hair since I started on these products and nothing comes close.

I think I’ve banged on about this palette enough, but I couldn’t leave it out of the 2012 list because I’ve used it so many times! I’ve become a real Laura Mercier convert over the past year (I purchased a couple of goodies in the SpaceNK sale which I’ll show you soon) and it all started with my love for this palette.  I usually end up using about 50% of a palette but everything in this has been used, from the blushes to the eyeshadows to the brushes and liners cakes; total love!

The Chapel Haircut*

Not technically a product, but it needed to be featured nonetheless as it was such a drastic change that has completely revolutionised the way I see my hair (I know a few other bloggers who feel the same about The Chapel!) and has allowed me a lot more freedom with styling and gave me a fringe that I actually love! I’ve had a few fringes in the past and I’ve always got fed up with them; I found them hard work and they always swamped my face, but I love this fringe, along with the colour and the cut. My hair has grown a bit since the initial chop, so I’m undecided whether to get it cut to the original length or grow it long as I’ve always wanted long hair with a fringe…so we’ll see!

This is one of my favourites from the Jan Marini line and I use it 3-4 times a week.  It’s a bit of a Goldilocks mask as it’s not too drying, not too moisturising, doesn’t cake but still sets and is very comfortable and easy to use.  The packaging is a bit of a pain as the opening is tiny and gets clogged, but it’s a small price to pay for such a great treatment that leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, firm, clear and just brilliant.

I’m still loving this brilliant candle company which places a diamond in one of every fifty candles they create.  The packaging is oh-so-pretty, the fragrance is lovely (my Grenadine-scented reminds me of Strawberry Hubba Bubba) and the minute I use mine up (which, alas, appears to contain no diamond) I’ll be replacing.

I have a real thing for pastel shades on the nails; sometimes I like to experiment with other shades (that I equally love) but I always end up craving a good pastel.  I think it’s because they can easily make hands look pretty, feminine and delicate, none of which my hands naturally are, sadly! This is a particularly good shade as I love pastel purple shades and this one is a rich, creamy lilac that is incredibly flattering.  I’ve just purchased a Models Own lilac so I’ll be reviewing that soon too.

I’ve worked my way through so many cuticle products to try and deal with my severely unruly cuticles, but nothing has ever really worked as quickly or effectively as this kit.  The oil is pretty standard, but the remover is just brilliant; I now try and put aside a couple of hours a week where I really work at my nails and cuticles and I use copious amounts of both these treatments.  I also use a really good kit I picked up by Leighton Denny and I’ll be posting about my weekly nail indulgence soon.

So there it is, my top 12 of 2012 and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings is in the exciting world of beauty!



  • Bathurst Beauty London
    January 4, 2013

    Thank you for this great round up of 2012 beauty treats, as always I loved your post and lots of goodies for us to share with our salon clients. I just got back from a holiday in Dubai and everyone was RAVING about Clarisonic and now that you are recomending it – I really am intrigued to add it to my beauty regime! Cant wait to read all your wonderful beauty posts for 2013 xx

    • Sascha BG
      Bathurst Beauty London
      January 4, 2013

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

      I definitely think the Clarisonic is worth the hype it gets, although there are a few people who completely disagree with me on that so I think it’s a case of trial and error and obviously it depends on what your skin is like.

      I hope you had a great time in Dubai and Happy New Year! xx

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