Valentines Gifts for Boys

Valentines Day.  Grrrr.  ’tis the day where everyone is expected to allow love to completely consume them; nothing is cheesy and what would normally be considered vomit-inducing becomes repackaged as “romantic”.  It’s the day where loved-up people gush and single people moan about consumerism.  What a day people, what a day! And that day is arriving shortly, so I thought I’d put together a couple of suggestions for gifts for girls and gifts for boys to help you out if you’re lacking inspiration.  Here’s five ideas for gifts for boys:

Traditional Wet Shave

Traditional Wet ShavePIN IT

I like the idea that pampering is actively encouraged around, so I wanted to find a couple of indulgent treats that could be given to the boys and not just saved for the girls.  This traditional wet shave from Murdoch London isn’t cheap at £42.50, but for that you get a 45 minute treatment at Liberty’s which to me, screams “luxurious”.  More info here.

Elemis Valentines Collection for Him

Elemis Invigorating Deep Clean DuoPIN IT

Elemis have released two valentines collections this year, one for him and one for her.  The “him” version is the Invigorating Deep Clean Duo which contains 50ml of Deep Cleanse Facial Wash and 50ml Sharp Shower Body Wash and the gift set comes in at a very reasonable £12, making this a purse-friendly pamper set for the boys and you can find it here.

Penhaligon’s Triple Blade Razor 

Penhaligon's Nickel RazorPIN IT

I think male grooming is quite limited in regards to things that are a little bit special, but the one thing you can spend money on is a well-made, traditional razor like this one from Penhaligon’s.  You can replace it with Gillette blades meaning that the only major expense is the initial outlay of £40 and it can be found here.

Clinique M Lotion

Clinique M-LotionPIN IT

A couple of years ago I bought my Dad a men’s kit from Clinique and he badgers me regularly to replace anything he uses up; I don’t think he can quite bring himself to visit a Clinique counter to make the purchases himself, but he’s most definitely hooked on the products.  If you’re keen to get your guy into grooming then a product from Clinique is the best place to start.  This M Lotion is masculinely packaged as well, so you can happily ease him in gently.  It’s £22 and available here.

Milk Chocolate SatNav

Chocolate SatNavPIN IT

I had to include this as I thought it was funny: if you really think that any pampering or indulgent treats are a complete waste on him (been there) then head down the technology route with a SatNav…made of chocolate! It’s a cheap and cheery novelty gift priced at £2 and available here.


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