First Look: Blanx White Shock with LED Accelerator

Blanx White ShockPIN IT

This isn’t a review as I’ve only just started using it, but I wanted to flag up the arrival of the Blanx White Shock* whitening toothpaste as I think it’s quite an interesting idea.  Blanx White Shock is a toothpaste that apparently whitens your teeth when you smile…the results of this remain to be seen (I realise I’m sounding a little cynical but I do genuinely like the concept behind it) but it contains ActiluX, an ingredient which allegedly reacts to light.  So in theory, every time you open your mouth and show your teeth some light, the ingredient starts whitening your teeth.  Interesting, no?

Blanx White ShockPIN IT

One would assume that results from the toothpaste alone might be a little on the slow side (especially if you’re particularly grumpy) so there’s also an LED Accelerator available to attach to the toothpaste, which you can use to speed up results when you’re brushing your teeth.  This is basically a bastardised version of both toothpastes and whitening treatment plans, so I’m definitely intrigued!

I’ve got on really well with Blanx in the past and I’m on a teeth-whitening mission at the moment, considering I’m a coke-drinking, sugar-loving, filthy smoker, so I’m taking a three-pronged approach to whitening with a couple of other products that I’ll let you know about soon.

Blanx White ShockPIN IT

Lastly, they’re not taking the piss with their prices, so if you fancy trying the system out then the costs won’t break the bank.  The toothpaste alone is £4.99 and the toothpaste with LED Accelerator is £6.99 making both options cheaper than Blanx’s other toothpastes.  For some reason this doesn’t seem to be landing in Boots, but it is available at Asda and FeelUnique, although it’s more expensive at £7.49 from the latter.


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