Models Own Fruit Pastels

Models Own Fruit Pastels

Models Own Fruit Pastels

Get your battle face ready as there are two Models Own collections going head-to-head on Twitter.  In the red corner we have the Ice Neons, and the blue corner sees the arrival of Fruit Pastels…worrying I’ve been thinking about the Fruit Pastels quite a lot today, and I’ve only just got the reference to the sweets.  This is old age, people, the decline has started.

The wonderfully seasonal Fruit Pastels are locking-in to the typical Spring shades, but with a significant twist.  Each shade has a corresponding scent, meaning that once dry, your nails will be flavoured! The options are:

Strawberry Tart – pink

Apple Pie – mint green

Banana Split – sherbet yellow

Blueberry Muffin –  cornflower blue

Grape Juice – lilac

Just the idea of having nails that smell like blueberry muffins makes me happier than I’m sure is normal.  These will first launch at the Bottleshop on 9th March, before arriving at Boots on the 22nd March.  You can pre-order them now at the Models Own site for a guaranteed dispatch on the 20th March.


So are you camp Neon or camp Pastel? Join the debate by tweeting @ModelsOwn with the hashtag #neonVpastel.  I’m team Neon.  No!  Team Pastel.  But then I really do like those neons…



  1. NailCentric
    February 21, 2014 / 9:00 AM

    I am so in love with fruity pastel nail colors! I am thinking to get the whole collection for this spring season ♥

  2. Rin
    September 5, 2014 / 4:25 AM

    Definitely a pastel girl here! There’s just something about lightly-coloured anything that just brightens my day and soothes me. ^^ I would definitely love to get these colours and perhaps use teeny little pearls to make necklace motifs on my nails. <3

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    • Sascha
      September 8, 2014 / 7:48 PM

      That sounds gorgeous! xx

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