Five Things I Love (February 2013) – Lazy Girl Special!

Five Things I Love (February 2013) – Lazy Girl Special!

Five Favourites February 2013

I’m extremely late with this, and I should be writing my March list, yet I haven’t even written up February’s yet.  Bad Blogger, BAD, BAD Blogger.  Still, I have a good excuse I think, and be in no doubt that I will be using it a’plenty.

February’s love list focuses on products that I have found invaluable time-savers.  The pregnancy has made everything a chore as I feel like I’m currently wading through mud with every movement I make (nice bit of drama there for you) so doing stuff like make-up just seems like extremely hard work.  I’ve got a few weeks left of the tricky first trimester then apparently things start easing up a bit.  I frickin’ hope so.

Bioderma Sensibio H20*

Bioderma Sensibio H20

I have banged on about this pretty much since I started blogging and it’s still a dream of a product to have in my collection. If you really can’t face a full cleanse, this is like a wet-wipe in a bottle (so less guilt) that’ll whip off all make-up quickly and effectively; every beauty junkie should have it in their kit and now it’s available in the UK it’s even easier to get hold of.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk*

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo

I’m really fussy with dry shampoos as I don’t get on with the ever-popular Batiste at all; I just find it chalky and really ineffective, although I realise I’m in the minority with this conclusion.  There are a few I really like, Umberto Giannini’s Glam Hair is one I repurchase regularly, and another one I really like is this one from Klorane.  It’s got a very light fragrance, feels gentle on the hair, yet it’s surprisingly effective at reducing the greasy look of unwashed hair.  You do need to tread carefully with making sure you work it in well, but as long as you do, hair is left looking clean and healthy rather than greasy or chalky.

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer Black

I have three of these (yes, obviously including the pink one) and I think I’ll always be a fan of them as they’re just so incredibly practical and useful, especially if you can’t be arsed with doing much with your hair as these are great at getting hair neatly into a pony, or in place for an alice/head band.  I also use them to work product through my hair after washing and if you don’t have one then I strongly recommend investing.

Pixi Early Bird Palette*

Pixi Early Bird Palette

Everything you could possibly need for an easy, everyday look is in this palette, making a healthy, underdone glow a eriously easy feat to achieve.  You’ve got glow-enhancing bronzers, highlighters and blushers as well as 16 subtle, shimmery eyeshadows that will bring you to life with so little effort, so this is a palette I turn to when I can’t face putting in the time needed to make myself look presentable!  Here’s a look at the palette in more detail.

Astral Light & Creamy*

Astral Light and Creamy

Last but not least is something I’ve had sitting around in my bedroom for quite some time, that’s only come into its own when my skin went mental recently, as briefly discussed here.  Most people know the original Astral (in the dark blue tub) but last year they released a lighter version in a – you’ve guessed it – light blue tub, which is aimed at those with oilier skin types.  I pounced on this as an all-in-one cold cream, make-up remover, freaky-skin-treater, moisturiser and it served me very well for a couple of days until I could crack on with something more suitable (posts they are a’coming) and considering this is less than £2 for 200ml and can be used all over the body, it is not a terrible investment, no?

I will do my very best to try and get up to date with my love lists and publish March’s very soon 🙂


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