Guest Post: An Amazing Introduction to Australian Hair and Beauty Brands

I am *extremely* excited to start of my series of guest posts with one from the amazing Clare, who runs the George and Bear Lifestyle blog.  Here you will find a very thorough introduction to the best of Australian hair and beauty from a proud Aussie with an impressive knowledge of the brands, including a selection of Clare’s favourite product choices. 

An Amazing Introduction to Australian Hair and Beauty Brands 

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It’s only since moving to London that I’ve become an out and proud Aussie – I think the beach, constant warm weather and working within walking distance of home can make one a bit complacent, so we’ll blame it on that, shall we? With that in mind and because my return home is somewhat imminent at this point, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you all to some of my favourite Australian beauty and haircare brands, especially as most of them are now available in the UK now – and where they’re not, AdoreBeauty ship overseas anyway.

Aesop. If you haven’t heard of Aesop yet I imagine you’ve been living in a cave without the Internet, yes? Founded in Melbourne in 1987, they make plant-based and laboratory-made skincare of really high efficacy, using proven ingredients. What I think they’re most famous for though is the design of their apothecary-style bottles. It doesn’t help that their range is absolutely amazing and works wonders.

My picks: Their hand creams, anything from the Parsley Seed range and their Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant which is a light powder that you can mix with any gel or cream-based cleanser to exfoliate your skin. They also make something amazing called “Post-Poo Drops” which – hah! – effectively neutralise disagreeable smells. I need it!  More info on Aesop can be found here.

Jurlique is one that seems to have been around since forever and I think most people are familiar with the range but did you know they have a baby range? I’m obsessed with it, and when I have a pregnant friend, 9 times out of 10 it’s the gift I buy for the baby shower, registry or no registry – I’ve been known to buy every single product in the range and package it up. What can I say – I love buying presents.

My picks: The calming massage oil which I think is something most mums wouldn’t splurge on but is (I’ve heard) perfect for baby-bonding and sending bubs off to sleep – and of course their barrier cream to prevent nappy rash.  More info on Jurlique can be found here.

Leif is a brand that’s new to me – I hadn’t heard of them until recently and as yet haven’t actuality tried anything but the products look gorgeous and are packaged so beautifully. They combine botanical extracts and essential oils to create gorgeous bath and body products. Judging by the names of the products and the ingredients they’ve used, if you’re an Aussie in London like me, it’s a range that will smell like home.

My picks: I have my eye on the hydrating Wild Rosella and Apline Pepper Body Cleanser and the Kakadu Plum & Macadamia Nut Hald Balm which is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.  More info on Leif can be found here.

Alpha-H is another Australian brand that is getting a lot of attention and primarily because of their Liquid Gold products but I think the rest of the range is worth getting to know too. It’s very scientific and having met the founders of the range, I can personally vouch for their passion – and the state of their skin! They’re walking ads for their brand and rightly so.

My picks: The Liquid Gold Skin Perfecting System [3x30ml]is perfect if you haven’t used a glycolic acid on your skin before as it helps you build up to achieving the optimum results. I also use their sunscreen every day on top of my moisturiser – it’s 30+, sits perfectly under makeup and as it contains zinc oxide, it’s a physical sunscreen so I know I’m giving my skin the best protection.  More info on Alpha-H can be found here.

Antipodes is technically a brand from New Zealand but technically Antipodes means Australia and New Zealand, I’m including them anyway! It’s all very science-based, certified organic, suitable for vegetarians, and the water they use is from New Zealand so you know it’s pure and gorgeous. It doesn’t hurt that the products are packaged gorgeously and work like magic.

My picks: If you’re trying to avoid mineral oil like me and are looking for an Eve Lom replacement, the Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser might be just what your’e looking for. It smells amazing! I also love their serums – the Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum is a good option if you’re looking to brighten your skin – be warned though, the serum looks like red wine and it might make you thirsty.  More info on Antipodes can be found here.

A’Kin is a brand that is everywhere in Australia – if you’re travelling there on holidays you can pop into any Priceline and pick it up as it perfectly straddles that fine line between being effective and accessible. It’s also organic and free from sulfates, parabens. petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oil and artificial colours, among other things.

My picks: The Intensive Hand Nail and Cuticle Treatment, A’Kin 24-Hour Pure Moisture Unscented which is great for sensitive, allergy prone and fragile skin, as well as their organic rosehip oil which you can use as a serum underneath your moisturiser.  More info on A’Kin can be found here.

And now: Haircare!

Original&Mineral is an Aussie haircare range that my beauty blogger friends back home go on and on and on about – especially hair blogger du jour Christina from Hair Romance – see her O&M post here  – she definitely knows what she’s talking about! O&M are packed full of botanicals and are free from nasties such as paragons, sulfates, triclosan and sodium chloride. Rachel Zoe, Miranda Kerr and Cameron Diaz are fans, apparently!

My picks: O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum which minimises flyways without looking greasy. They’ve also introduced a few new travel sets which look gorgeous and are a great way to be introduced to the brand.  More info on O&M can be found here.

Evo is another haircare brand that you may or may not realise are Australian. My local salon in London has a good selection which I was surprised to see. To quote the brand themselves, “Evo steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention, to help people think a little and look good, all at the same time. evo … sweet revenge against an industry of over-inflated truths.” I love this!

My picks: With hilarious names such as “Bride of Gluttony Conditioner”, “Water Killer Dry Shampoo” and “Box o’ Bollox Life Changing Paste”, in my experience you absolutely can’t go wrong. It’s worth clicking on the links and reading the descriptions on the bottles too because they are completely awesome and boyfriend-friendly. Have I mentioned the products themselves are great and actually work? Yeah – that.  More info on Evo can be found here.

Thank you so much Clare for your amazing contribution and incredibly well-researched post! Don’t forget, to enjoy more of Clare’s writing, head on over to her blog here


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